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* Maintenance Issues

Hello Users!  We are still experiencing the odd problem, hopefully most of you will have managed to avoid the issues.  For those who are still getting occasional errors where the forum gives a session time error, or logs you out randomly, try removing the www from the url you are trying to access.

Any trouble, contact wantsome on discord or email admin(at)wantsome.co.uk
Welcome to WantSome -  Established in 2010, this is the best Yaoi RP Forum on the interweb!

This is a mature and active role play community for collaborative story writing and play-by-post role play.  Although there is a strong focus on the yaoi genre, all themes of roleplay are welcome here.

Sold?  We know you're keen to get started, but before you register, please read our rules thoroughly.
Click here for the rules.  You will be given another opportunity to see the rules when you register.

Because of the adult nature of some of our role plays, most boards are not visible to guests (the good stuff is for members only ;) ).   

Can't wait any more?  Click here to register.

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