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May 08, 2016, 22:28:05 pm by WantSome
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Issue 2016.05:  May 2016

Hello My Forumy!

We're in May already, can you Adam & Steve it?  Spring has sprung (sort of, Mother Nature seems to be teasing us), and it will be our birthday!  Yes, we are six this year!  Quite good for a roleplay forum, I believe.  Here's to another year gone by and many years to come!

It's your birthday, Put your hands in the air, air.  Keep 'em there like you don't care.  Happy birthday

Coincidentally we are also celebrating our 1000th member this month! 

Spoiler for But 1000 members in 6 years aint all that:
Actually 1000 members is a misnomer.  When I started this forum I decided I would periodically delete members who were inactive, and the criteria was 0 post count and never logged on.  So, in actual fact we've had a lot more people sign up over the years, but we have finally r
July 29, 2014, 21:40:40 pm by Lucid
Views: 853 | Comments: 63

Welcome to WantSome Writing Prompts thread!

Click here for the newest prompt!

The purpose of this thread is to promote creativity and explore diversity of interpretation in our community! If you want to try something different and fresh without starting a whole new RP, this is a place for you!

How will this work? Once a week, we will be releasing a new writing prompt and linking to it in this post. From the day the prompt is posted, for the following week, everyone may respond to this thread with their own piece of writing inspired by the said prompt!

What is a writing prompt? It is a question or a sentence stimulating a writer to elaborate on it or create a narrative response, sometimes with a word count limit or a time limit.

One day your character wakes up with a super po
November 10, 2012, 12:28:47 pm by Lucid
Views: 17347 | Comments: 178

This challenge is for new users only. It counts only if you begin it before your total post count reaches 35 posts (once you begin the challenge, you may continue posting).

Hello New User and welcome to WantSome RP!

This simple Newbie Challenge is not mandatory but it will help you become familiar with the board and its features. Some of the options are still under development (like the Shop) but we encourage you to learn to use them because that knowledge will definitely come in handy in the future! Don't get discouraged by the length of this thread, the tasks are very simple!

For completing the challenge, you will receive an 'Excellent Newbie' award (above), which will be added to the field above your signature, and 1,000 Orgasms to spend however you like.

The Challenge!
Below you will find a list of tasks to per...
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