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The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 26, 2014, 07:15:38 am »
Tension was beginning to knot his shoulders, spasms were cramping his thighs from the uncomfortable, deathly-still crouch he'd been holding for quite some time now. Trudging through the mire had hit him hard; the strength had slowly been bleeding out of his legs and Zaire was sure that if it wasn't for the endurance he'd slowly built up over the years during his career as a long-distance runner, the heat would have already taken an even heavier toll. He needed water and then he needed to find some form of shelter where he could rest and get his bearings. Food was another pressing matter considering the physical exertion would drain what little energy he managed to conserve quickly, but that seemed like rather a more complicated issue than the water was. Zaire was no hunter; he might be able to forage for some edible vegetation if he stumbled across an area that offered him the opportunity, but he also needed meat.

Then again, this entire situation was intended to put strain not only on the body, but the mind as well. In truth, all who participated in the Claiming were 'claimed'; by a type of ruthless madness brought upon them by the constant pressure of fearing for one's life. By a desperation that drove men to do very inhumane things to sate the hunger in their bellies.

What a great way to spend a year (or less) of your life.

The more pressing matter, however, still remained the submissive blonde male who as of yet hadn't moved from the edge of the water. Despite the fact that Zaire wasn't intimidated by the weak looking male in any way, he was wary of the fact that there might be others, droves who - like him - were making their way toward the water source. Maybe the blonde had already forged alliances with others who were much more dangerous than himself. What disturbed him even more was that - despite the fact that the blonde had made no move - the man seemed to be watching him.

This was the fear that played on Zaire's mind; but time passed and still no one came. Eventually, the strain of his position - both physical and psychological - wore the man down and prompted him to rise before he slipped his lean frame out from the meagre concealment offered by the mangrove trees. His heart pounded as he slowly approached the edge of the water, though that intimidating aura that the man had always exuded remained completely intact, expressed through his deceptively fluid and self-assured movements. His expression showed no sign of any emotion, but his senses remained prickled and highly sensitive to even the barest hint of movement.

Keeping his hazel eyes trained on the stranger in a wary way, he finally slipped his backpack off of his shoulder when he was in plain sight and went about removing his flask and dipping it into the murky water. Shit. It looked like this was going to have to be boiled first before anyone was drinking it.

Watching the liquid funnel into the metal container, he finally said in a tone just loud enough to be heard by the other man, "You're going to get yourself killed if you stay out here in the open like this."
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Kazuo on July 26, 2014, 02:05:34 am »
Leaves and twigs crunched under his every step as a man, no taller than five foot ten, looked about with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He had stopped for a moment to see if there was anything – alive or inanimate – that he had to watch out for. After all, he wasn’t stupid not to know that the place – that this forest – was teeming with life. On another note, this place was rather refreshing. Who’d have thought that the Government gave such a place time to be constructed in this day and age? The Metropolis was lacking in this, and it certainly was a very rare sight to see, feel, touch and smell for one who’d grown up without it.

Alann reached down to grab a hold of his shirt for the umpteenth time. He used his shirt to wipe the lower part of his face. Once he was done, he let go as he made a face and parted his lips to sigh. This was seriously fracked up. They were certainly going to get wet. They were going to sweat. So, why couldn’t the Government officials have, at least, complied and agreed into giving them a face towel if not a towel? It was getting a little distracting how his body heat was rising, and how his glands were starting to produce a little more sweat as he took more steps to a walk he rarely ever has done in a day. Hell, even his pants were starting to get uncomfortable in this humid temperature.

“Couldn’t they have chosen a better color, too, instead of black?”

This young entrepreneur had woken up not so long ago on his knees. How he had gotten into such a promising – though sarcastically said – position, he wasn’t sure; but, he sure as hell hated it. He hated it, too, how they seemed to be playing with him when he’d found his backpack hidden behind a rather large oak tree. Honestly, if they had wanted him to play hide-and-seek, they should have just said so.

Alann had long tucked his sweater and his belt into his bag, which now left him blank and bare. He didn’t remember any rules about ridding themselves of their clothes, and neither had he remembered any rules that they couldn’t keep things hidden in their bags. Even the damn belt’s eye catching when paired with black clothes. Bastards… got no sense of taste in clothes, was all he could think of as he continued on his way, venturing deeper into the forest.

He didn’t take any turns, no. He may not be good with directions and may not be good with reading a map, but common sense and logic pretty much told him that going straight was the way to go. The only problem was, he, like everyone else on this compound, needed water. Alann had decided not to think about that matter for now. Since it was still the first day, he knew that everyone was going to go for that and it was going to be bad if he, too, went along with it.

To expose himself to other dominants was not an option for him. He’d only started; he couldn’t die yet.

And, there was the other thing about his cushioned bullet vest. It significantly disturbed him that he didn’t have it donned when he was welcomed into the Claiming, because then, this ticking time bomb within him was going to be of a great advantage when the time comes. A single, strong impact can cause him his life. Unconsciously, Alann Bolst reached up to stroke his chest down to his stomach, only to grit his teeth behind closed lips. He couldn’t give the Government a single clue to his weakness, and he couldn’t bring defamation to his family. He came here, after all, on his own will to bring future stakeholders that will continue to give his project the money it needed to run with up until this artificial ‘clean air’ were to become a hit.

Alann dropped his hand to his side. He was just about to continue on further when he’d stopped the moment his ears picked up a sound. It was the sound of someone seemingly digging a knife into something hard and he turned to look at the tree bark he was currently standing under. Somehow, he couldn’t understand. What would one benefit by cutting up a hole in a tree?

Slowly pulling his knife that he’d tucked into his pants (yes, with the cold blade touching his ass), he slid his bag down by the said tree and quietly made his way towards the source of his curiosity. As he got closer, he could faintly pick up the sound of water dripping into an enclosed item. Was that the flask they were given? His parched throat suddenly made itself known to him as he gathered what saliva his mouth could produce and swallowed. Tightly. Alann pressed himself against the tree bark. He was well aware that he was only a couple of steps away from this said stranger, but, he didn’t have much time to think about that. His eyes immediately saw the flask’s mouth open out for the stick. Water was dribbling from the tree and down the stick, dripping into the water holder..

Alann’s eyes widened in both wonder and amazement when he saw what was bestowed unto him. It was his ignorance that made him forget that he was watching at another dominant. This was water from a tree bark. He tore his gaze from the said flask to look back at the tree he was currently pressed against. How was he able to do that? Were trees really able to produce water? With his free hand, he touched the rough edges of the bark with the tips of his fingers.

Now, he wanted to try out the process himself. But how could he when he didn’t know how?

Yet again, he turned to look back at the man. He, like him, was wearing the same black clothes and the same black boots. It was only this time that he’s realized he was another dominant like him. The male pursed his lips. This’d have been a lot easier if the other was a submissive. Alann exhaled quietly and pushed himself off the tree. He’d also let go of the knife’s handle that he was holding. The male stepped out from his hiding place and lifted both his hands in a silent sign that he wasn’t here to attack.

“I apologize,” he started, the words rolling out his lips in a smooth tone. It was obvious from the way he was speaking that he was no normal person, that he was certainly part of a higher society. “But I just really had to ask. How did you do that?”

Even his curious question told a lot. That he was from a place without greeneries.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Sexi-Kitten on July 25, 2014, 03:51:40 am »
Mewww so mean Gaslight! So meannnnnnn lolol
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Sexi-Kitten on July 25, 2014, 03:38:20 am »
Screaming was faintly heard from where Raj was hiding out. Fear made him feel sick to his stomach as the cries continued. Was the man  being tortured?! Thats horrible! By who or what Raj hoped he will never know. He knew it wasn't safe to stay here and yet even when the screams finally died away he was frozen in place. What will happen to him when he dies?

Shaking his head Raj stood up and got all this things ready to leave. He couldn't think like that, he will make it through this game! He had to... he didn't want to die. No one did. Raj placed the backpack on and held his dirty knife in his right hand. If anyone attacks him then he will be ready for it. Raj didn't think of himself as a killer, but in here he had no other choice. He was afraid, shaking even, as he starts to head out of the cave.

That was when a newcomer came inside. Alarmed by this Raj blanked out and his body moved on it's own. Before he knew it the dirty blond found himself pinning the dark haired male against the cave walls and holding the knife up to the other's throat. He wanted to stop, wanted to say he wasn't going to hurt the other man, however he couldn't promise that. This game has created a new side to Raj. One that will come out and fight without needing to think. After a bad deed was done Raj was aloud to panic, only after the other person was dead or noted as someone he can trust for the time being.

"Wh-wh-who..." He stuttered. Unfortunately this new side of him still didn't know how to talk to others properly. "A-ar... are... y-ou..." he finally got out. His eyes were narrowed, but anyone could tell that he was scared. Looking down he noticed this man was a Submissive. Green belt. Raj wasn't sure how to proceed. This man could join him with a Claim or kill him. The question was, was this Submissive a threat to him? How could he tell if he couldn't ask questions?

Maybe he didn't have to ask. Holding the stranger firmly to the wall with one arm he dropped his knife and took off one strap of his pack. If he needed to kill the man he always had his other knife in his pocket. Reaching into his bag he pulls out his branding iron and presented it to the Submissive. He didn't speak, he only waited for a reply. The silent question should be simple enough to answer. Branding a Submissive this early in the game would be a great help to him. Perhaps this man could talk for him. First things first, this man needed to agree with a Claiming.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Kazuo on July 25, 2014, 03:37:07 am »
Me? Bad?

I'm a loveable stalker.

... not to mention, loveable.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 25, 2014, 03:30:17 am »
But maybe that just means that you're a bad person too. You are a stalker, after all... *is suspicious*
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Kazuo on July 25, 2014, 03:21:05 am »
Nah. I laughed at it too.
Well... snickered, mostly.

Ahhh. Now I'm just overall lazy to type up an intro post.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 25, 2014, 03:07:17 am »
... Does it make me a bad person to admit that I laughed at this? Just a little?
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by ~Kira~ on July 25, 2014, 02:57:05 am »
No problem XD we all make mistakes! When I see the name Ryu I always think it's my character. And of course there are lots of other names that I tend to use a lot and when I see other people with those names it makes me go eh? -laughs-

I do find it funny that I chose Kyle as my npc to kill off though! I was debating between Sam and Kyle but I liked the name Sam and was thinking I'd use that later if Makoto ever got killed off anytime -laughs- so Kyle was my choice. -chuckles-
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Sexi-Kitten on July 25, 2014, 02:50:08 am »
Never mind im a dumb ass!

The name kyle threw me off. XD different rp... im Raj here... Raj... >_> not Kyle.... Raj...
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