Guidelines & How To

These forum guidelines are NOT rules.  Rather, they can be seen as best practice guidelines.  This means they set out how to behave or act in a spirit of Excellence (Rule #2) in various areas of the forum to keep this forum in best shape.  These guidelines are always a work in progress because new ideas and advice will be added occasionally, so check back every now and then!

Also, most of the boards on the forum have a sticky post in them to explain what to use that area for and what to post there etc.  It's always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the 'For This Area' threads before posting in that area.

1.  Warnings

2.  Thread or Discussion "Status"

3.  Spoilers

4.  The Shop or Mall
4a. How Buy Shop Items and Send Gifts

5.  Gallery Guidelines

6.  Beginner's Guide to RP

7.  Chat Guidelines (for events only)

8.  Video Embedding and Links

9.  How to use Mentions

1.  Warnings

Because many of our RPs, being fictional, may be mature in nature - be that because of sexual situations, violence, and dark themes.  It is recommended that any RP containing possibly offensive material has warnings either in the title or in the first post. 

Sometimes forumers browse through RPs and Fictions in search of entertainment or ideas.  To save them time and embarassment, we suggest you put a few warnings in your topic title or first post in case someone stumbles upon your thread and reads it.

Obviously a Mature Content Warning goes without saying for all areas of this site.  Please everyone proceed with caution.  But, if you are involved in an RP or write a Fiction which addresses topics that might be upsetting or offensive, please post additional warnings.  See, most of us don't mind a bit of violence or some hot, kinky sex.  But some of us might not want to read something dealing with, say, rape, or bestiality, death or blood play, etc.  To name but a few.

So, the best way to protect sensitive readers (or even to attract fellow forumers who might be into your kink), is to put warnings in the title or first post.

E.g.  "Title Here [pwp, bdsm, explicit]"

For a real time example, please check out the first RP on this forum. Namandur - Know Thy Enemy

Click here for a few handy abbreviations for you topics/summary warnings.

2.  Thread or Role Play "Status"

It is always good practice to place a status in the thread title.  This applies to most areas of the forum, and it helps everyone to know if they can post in a particular thread.  The status could be something as simple as 'open' or 'closed' or just tell people who are browsing the forum that this thread is for particular members only.

In role play threads, for example, it's common to put the names of the people playing in the thread title.  This tells other people that the thread is 'closed' or limited to only those two players.  In a search thread, it's good practice to state whether the search is still [open] or if you've found a partner for that idea (or even changed your mind about the idea) edit the title to change it to [closed].

e.g.  WantSome's Plot Thread [Closed]

The plot thread is closed either because all the player's ideas have been snapped up, or the player has decided not to take on any more role plays.  If this thread was a multiple ideas thread (where the player posted all their ideas for plots in one thread) it would be important to label the thread appropriately, and also label each of the ideas properly too.  E.g.  WantSome's Plot Thread [Two Ideas Open] - inside the thread, the ideas would all be listed and labelled open or closed individually as well, so that readers can know which are open in this example.

e.g.  WantSome's Idea for a Super Cool Story [Open, Group]

This thread is open, and it states that it will be a group role play so more than one partner is required.

e.g.  WantSome's Excellent Role Play [For WantSome and Mr. Excellent]

In this example, the thread is for a roleplay and the two participants are listed in the title.  This shows any people who are reading the thread that they shouldn't post there, since it's for WantSome and Mr. Excellent ONLY.

Putting a status up on your thread title is a good idea for any area of the forum, especially in the Mall area where contests or shops need to be clear if they are open or closed etc. 

It is, however, assumed that any discussion threads in the general area are open to all unless otherwise stated.


There are many things on this forum that are convenient to hide - e.g. images that are nsfw, very long or unnecessary explanations when they're only there for interest, etc.  This is how you use them on this forum:

You can either use the button marked 'SP' on the post editing area, or you can type the code like this:

Code: [Select]
[spoiler] your message here is hidden! [/spoiler]
The above code will look like this:

Spoiler for Hidden:
your message here is hidden!

Now the default lable for the spoiler is "Spoiler for Hidden" but you can change this by typing:

Code: [Select]
[spoiler=This Spoiler Has A Name] Your hidden message is now labled something [/spoiler]
Which will look like this:

Spoiler for This Spoiler Has A Name:
Your hidden message is now labled something

4.  The Shop or Mall

The Mall section of the forum is where people can hold contests or open forum-related shops (such as fiction or artwork shops) to earn or give away 'Orgasms' (Øs) the forum's currency.  Remember to put a 'status' in your thread title as detailed in point 2 above (e.g CONTEST, GAME, SHOP).

You can access the Shop but hovering over the Features! button at the top of the forum and clicking on 'Shop'.

These are a few ways to Earn or Spend Orgasms on the Forum
Because good boys and girls work hard for their orgasms and are very generous in sharing them around
  • The very best, easiest and quickest way to earn Øs is to host your own game or contest.  If you intend to host a game, decide how much you'll need for prize money and ask WantSome to sponsor you the funds.  You will have the funds added to your account immediately (earning interest) and WantSome will add 10% bonus to the funds for your time and effort in running a contest.
  • Anyone joining the forum will get 100 Øs into their 'pocket'.  Move your Øs into the 'bank' and you'll receive 0.5% interest per day.
  • Enter contests - enter the games and contests hosted by staff or other members.
  • There is a Mall board in the General Chat and Play category on the Forum page.  Anyone who wants to earn Øs can start a shop thread offering their services to others
  • Any member reaching 5k posts will receive 1000 Øs.  Please let a moderator know when you hit this level (we might miss it otherwise!)
  • Any user reaching over 500 Smexiness will receive a 1000 Øs bonus.  Again, please let a staff member know.
  • Each time you load an image to the gallery, you earn 3 Øs, and a comment on an image will get you 1 Ø.
  • Starting a new topic will net you 10 Øs each time.
  • We'll be looking for services for various forum things going forward and will pay in points for this. (e.g. icon graphics, organising the gallery, etc).  Keep an eye out at the Mall section.

Orgasm Do's and Don'ts
  • Besides Staff contests, there is a limit on prizes of 1000 Øs per prize or a max of 10000 Øs per contest (whichever is the least).
  • All services must be forum-related.  E.g. Set making or fiction writing.
  • Currently, we are limiting the price for any one service to 1000 Øs.  This cap applies to all services including auctions.
  • Never trade forum Øs for 'real life items' or money.  Forum Øs are NOT worth anything in real life.
  • Do have fun with your Øs.  Remember, Orgasms are better when shared. ;)

4a.  How to Buy Shop Items and Send Gift Items

When you go to the shop, you'll be told how much money you have in your 'pocket' (that is, money that is available to spend) and how much you have in the 'bank'.  Money in the bank earns interest, money in your pocket doesn't (savvy investments are the future, peeps!). 

To buy an item, first make sure you have enough money in your pocket by withdrawing it - click the 'Bank' button in the menu and click 'withdraw'.

Once you have enough money to hand, click on 'buy stuff' which will take you to the shop.  There is a drop down menu for categories to help you find things more easily.  Once you have bought an item, it will appear in your inventory.

In order to send an item to someone, you must first buy it, and then click 'send an item to someone'.  Input the user's name, and choose the item you want to send from the drop down list.  There's a spot to write a message if you want.  Then hit send.

Simples!  The shop is pretty self-explanatory.  Feel free to ask any member of staff or post a topic for help if you have any questions.

5.  Gallery Guidelines

To get your own gallery check out FAQ #11

Remember when adding pictures to any gallery, use an appropriate title and give it some good keyword terms.  This helps others (and you!) when searching for specific items in the gallery.

Anyone can load images to the forum galleries (Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Hotties, NSFW Yaoi, Yuri & Shoujo Ai, NSFW Yuri, Sexy Single Ladies).  Please do not load any pics to galleries belonging to specific artists although you are free to comment on their works.  These galleries are usually clearly labelled or described as belonging to a specific artist and only that person should load their original works into their gallery. 

You'll find more on this in the Rule #4 and the rules' footnotes as well.

7.  Chat Guidelines

The forum chat is for socialisation and RP co-ordination.  We hope you enjoy connecting with your partners Out of Character and getting to know each other.  Feel free to hang out in Chat in between your more important RP writing!

The chat is meant to be an inclusive and friendly place, so please make an effort to include everyone in your conversations.  For this reason the Chat is NOT for long term role play - keep those in the forum, or request a channel to be created for your fast-paced RP exchanges which can then be copied into your long term RPs on the forum.

Please also note:  We cannot and will not moderate the chat full time.  We require members of this forum to be over 18 and therefore expect them to act as such.  The Chat has previously been removed because of poor behaviour of members.  Please remember our rules and abide by them, so that we are not forced to remove the chat again. 

We occasionally run special events or games on the chat.  A notice will be posted whenever an event is scheduled.  Each event will have it's own specific rules and guidelines (e.g. game rules or in character rules, etc.)  The forum rules always apply.

Video Links and Embedding

Video links in your signature must be posted in spoiler tags.  When using them in threads where many links are likely to occur (such as threads specifically for sharing videos), we advise that you put your links into spoiler tags.  In this way there is less chance of causing a lag to users on a lower bandwidth or slower internet connections. 

Please remember we do not allow real life nudity on this forum in pictures and this extends to videos.

How to Use Mentions

There is a feature on this forum where one can use the @username function which notifies the user you have 'mentioned' with the @ sign and links them to the thread.  To use this, merely type the @ symbol and begin typing the user's name.  After about the 3rd or 4th character the forum will give you several options for the username you are trying to mention.  Click the name you are after and carry on as normal.

The next time that user logs on they will get a notification in the profile area on the main menu to state that they have been mentioned, and a link to the specific post will be shown.

The purpose of this function is to summon the mentioned user to the thread.  There is no purpose if the user is already involved in the thread since users who have already replied to the thread will see new responses in their unread replies.  However, the @ function makes sure that someone who might not know their input is wanted/needed in the thread will see they have been called upon for input.

The use of mentions is not moderated.  Use them as much or as little as you'd like - abusing the function will merely disgruntle your fellow users.