FAQs & Contacts

If you have a question or suggestion, please send a staff member a PM.  A list of staff members is below or you can PM WantSome.  Failing that, email admin(at)wantsome.co.uk

Any questions that regularly crop up will be posted here.  Some of these links will open in a new window.

1.  What's up with the 'noob' and 'complete innocent' status and when does it change?

1.a  I can't update my profile!

2.  I'm a beginner, how do I Role Play?  Or for a more in depth explanation click here

3.  Help!  I'm a noob and I don't understand all these abbreviations!!

4.  Who can I speak to if I need help with something or want to report a problem?

5.   How do I change the settings to take me to my post after posting, and not booting me out to the thread list?

6.  Which boards are visible to the public?

7.  Forum awards?  What's the go with that?

8.  Spoilers?!  How do I use them?

9.  Chat Destructions!

10.  I'm so sexy!  What's up with the Sexiness Level business in my post bit?

11.  I really want my own Gallery, how do I get one?

12.  The forum displays with a lot of broken images.  It throws off the aesthetic!  What can I do?

13. The time on this forum is wrong.  Are you a Time Lord?

14. My youtube videos don't embed properly!  Help!

15.  How can I view my sent PMs?

16. How do I insert an image into a post?

17.  How do I turn a url into a text link?

18.  How can I change the forum Theme or Colour Scheme?

19.  How do I use the Dice Role Button?

What's up with the 'n00b' status and when does it change?

Here's a list of all the statuses that can be achieved on this forum and the number of posts required to reach each rank.

noob You must post at least once and move on to Complete Innocent before you can access your profile and read or send private messages.
complete innocent1 post
shy virgin70 posts
never been kissed90 posts
addicted supporter130 posts
naive discoverer170 posts
needy scout240 posts
eager explorer330 posts
sensual scholar450 posts
undecided seke620 posts
daring deviant850 posts
naughty kitty1,200 posts
sinful explorer1,500 posts
wanton uke2,100 posts
sexy sensei2,500 posts
skilled seme4,100 posts
sex guru5,600 posts
sex god7,500 posts
The Perfect Lover10,000 posts

Who can I ask for help?

If there's something you're confused about that isn't already covered in the FAQs, and you just can't seem to figure out the answer, speak to the following forum Royalty.  Don't worry, they may be VIPs but they're all really nice!

Global Moderators:
With almost the same amount of power as Admins, these demi-gods will help you in any way they can in any part of the forum:
Her Grace, Shadowsfaith, Duchess of WantSome Yaoi Forum
Her Grace,  RedLady, Duchess of WantSome Yaoi Forum
Her Grace, Gaslight, Duchess of WantSome Yaoi Forum

The supreme Royal Court.
Her Imperial Majesty's Jester, Lucid.
Her Imperial Majesty, Wantsome, your exalted Empress and owner of this forum.

Returning to the thread after you post

Go to your profile and hover over the 'Modify Profile' button.  Click on 'look and layout preferences' on the left hand options.  Then check the box that says 'return to topic after posting by default'.

This will always return you to the post you just submitted in the thread you're active in.  Uncheck this button if you'd like to be returned to the board and list of topics you were in instead.

Which boards are public and viewable by guests?

Please note, we do have several boards that are viewable to guests on this forum.  Please keep in mind that anyone can view topics on this board - so keep private matters to the internal boards.  Also, be aware that under-aged guests can stumble upon this forum and read topics on these public areas.  Your topic will be moved to Internal Discussions if it is deemed inappropriate for guests.

The following boards are viewable by guests:

  • General Discussion
  • Introductions!!
  • Games

Forum Awards!

The forum awards consist of 2 types of award.

1)  Regular Awards:
Currently we have awards for anyone reaching 1k, 5k and 10k posts.  We also do monthly writer of the month awards.

2)  The special awards:
These are awards given for special services or prizes in contests or participation in events.  E.g. The 100k post award is for those who participated in events celebrating our first 100 000 post milestone.

3)  Achievements:
Specific achievements on the forum have specific awards attached.  These you may read more about them and see a full list here.

You can see your list of awards in your post bit beside each post, and hovering over them will tell you what each one is for.  The post bit shows a limited number of awards. 

Another way to see your awards, or to see the full list of your awards, is to go to your profile on the main menu, then hover over Profile Info to get a drop down list.  Then click on 'Show Awards'.  This will show you all your awards.  You can do this with any user's profile to see their awards.

On that awards page, you can click each award to see a list of other members with the same award.


To use them, just click the button in the post form labeled SP.  You should see something like this appear:
Code: [Select]
You can also just type the spoiler tags in yourself like this:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler] your message here is hidden! [/spoiler]
Which will look like this:
Spoiler for Hidden:
your message here is hidden!

Now the default label for the spoiler is "Spoiler for Hidden" but you can change this by typing:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler=This Spoiler Has A Name] Your hidden message is now labeled something [/spoiler]
Which will look like this:
Spoiler for This Spoiler Has A Name:
Your hidden message is now labeled something

Chat Destructions

We have a discord server which we use for general chat and fast paced RP.  Please go to our Discord Page for instructions on how to join.

We occasionally operate special in-character events, games and contests on the chat, so check it out if you have a chance.

Sexiness Level

For those of you with more than 100 posts will be able to level up a person's Smexiness Level by clicking the little icon you see in user's post bits

Please use this function only for posts that you find particularly helpful/sexy/useful/funny - we're all so amazing, I know, that you'll wanna run around clicking everyone's heart, but don't, k?  Just the really helpful stuff!

Also, fortunately or unfortunately, no record is kept of who upped your sexiness or what post they upped it for.  This is 'karma'/'sexiness level', it's the universe's way of saying 'Damn, you're hot!'

For those of you who have disabled the display of post bits, you won't be able to see this function.

How to get your own Gallery

If you want your own Gallery, please PM WantSome or another global moderator and we will create one for you.  Please include the following in your PM:

1) The name of your gallery
2) A description of your gallery (perhaps outlining the contents or any appropriate warnings)
3) OPTIONALLY, a 50x50px icon for the gallery image.

Broken Images in Forum Theme and Display

This is often to do with languages settings.  Go to your profile, hover over Modify Profile then click 'Account Related Settings'.  In the 'preferred language' drop down list choose either English or English British then click 'save'.  These are the only two languages fully supported by the forum software and forum staff.

If that doesn't work, please let a staff member know so we can look into it.

Time Changes

The forum time is set to UK time - that is Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.  Most of our members are in other time zones, though, and want the forum to tell them their proper current time.

To do this for yourself, access your profile and hover over the 'Modify Profile' option to get the drop down menu.  Then click on 'Look and Layout Preferences'. 

The fourth item on this list is 'Time Offset'.  You can use the 'auto detect' option and the forum will try to figure out what time-zone you are in.  Or you can put the time offset manually into the box.  So you literally add or subtract time in hours from the forum default of GMT.  Then save your changes by clicking the 'Change Profile' button at the bottom of the page.

14.  Youtube Video Troubleshooting

In order to embed a video, usually it is enough to put the video's link between youtube tags (using the little button that looks like this ).  However, youtube has a habit of putting strange characters into the link, and links change depending on how you access the video, as well.  Here are a few ways to make sure your video will work:

a) Make sure you are using the link from the 'share' option (found below the videos on youtube), rather than using the link from your browser address bar.  The link in the address bar of your browser will be different depending on how you accessed the video (e.g. through your subscriptions, or through a playlist).  The link in the 'share' option is directly to that video and much simpler.

b) Rather than using youtube tags, use the html tags - in order to do this, click on the 'embed' option (visible after you click 'share') on the youtube video.  You'll see a code that starts with "<ifram..."  Copy the entire piece of code and put it between html tags so that it looks like this:
Code: [Select]
[html] insert the iframe code here [/html]You will have to type out the square brackets and html tags as we do not have a button for this yet.

15.  Viewing Sent Personal Messages

In order to view sent messages, you will need to ensure that the message you sent was saved to your outbox. 

Do do this, when sending a message, ensure that the ‘save copy to my outbox’ is checked.  You will see this just below the box you type your message in.

You can enable this by default if you go to your profile, then hover over ‘Modify Profile’ and click on ‘Personal Message Options’.  The second last option is ‘Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default’.  Ensure this option is checked and click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.  Incidentally, you can choose to display your messages as conversations in which case it will appear like a thread including your sent messages when you view them – that is, IF you’ve saved it to your outbox.

Your sent messages will then all be saved.  To view them, click ‘My Messages’ on the main menu.  A page of your sent items should now display.  Hover over ‘Messages’ in the sub menu and click on ‘Sent Items’.

18.  How to change the forum theme.

The default theme is called Nova and you can change the overall colour scheme by clicking one of the four small colour switcher colours right at the bottom of any page, just above the footer.  The colour options are blue, red, green and black, each with its own banner.  The overall layout won't change.

If you'd prefer something totally different go to your profile, hover over 'Modify Profile' then click 'Look and Layout Preferences'.  The first option is your theme, click 'change'.  You'll see a list of available themes and how many members are using each one.  Find one that looks good to you and hit 'use this theme'.

For those who have slow internet connections, choose the SMF default theme as this has the smallest number of images and uses less bandwidth. 

19.  How do I use the dice roll button?

The dice roll button included above the text input box along with the other bbcode of the forum will allow users to roll a number of dice during their games (should they begin a game that requires dice or feel like gambling).  To roll the dice, merely click the button.  The [roll] tags will appear in your text box.  Between the tags, merely type how many dice you'd like to roll, and how many sides each dice has.  Eg. 1d6 means you want to roll 1 die with 6 sides (a standard die).

This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 1d6 : 3, total 3

The result will be displayed as above when you press post. 

If you have tried the above solutions but are still having problems, don't hesitate to contact a staff member for help, or you can PM WantSome.