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The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 28, 2014, 04:02:31 am »
"Wandering around with people I shouldn't trust is what will get me killed," Zaire simply murmured in reply. Yes, this game was the perfect mind-fuck - team up with people. Use them to give you what you need. Build relationships with them that will sooner or later come tumbling down around you because your 'friends' are also the obstacles standing between you and life.

And the biggest mistake anyone could make in this rarefied, ruthless world that they'd been thrust into was to trust.

The brunette was stoic as he continued to fill his flask, capping it once it was brimming with the filthy water. He'd managed to spy movement below the surface of the water, meaning that there could be fish or at least something else edible, but right now he had nothing with which to hunt them and his earlier point had been a valid one. Staying out here too long was practically inviting something sinister and he didn't know about blondie over there, but he wasn't about to take the chance that someone more dangerous might come along and snipe him off like a sitting duck.

Which was when his gaze shot up and cast a quick look around him. He needed a place to boil this water in peace and gather himself, but the land to his left seemed dauntingly open and unprotected. He couldn't judge what the terrain was like to his right, but directly across from him seemed to be an area of heavy forest and that looked the most promising for what he needed at the moment. It would be easy to get lost in there. Rustling in the undergrowth would provide warning that someone was approaching.

Rising, Zaire stashed his now laden flask into his backpack and began the long trudge around the circumference of the lake. The man couldn't say how good of an ally this blondie would be, but for the moment Zaire could see definite uses for him. Maybe he could tag along and act as a distraction if someone threatening came upon them. Maybe not. His normal sensibilities that usually pushed him to champion the underdogs would have reviled against this notion... once. But this environment broke every rule and Zaire was nothing if not a pragmatist. He would not die for his convictions, because he too was flawed and he sensed that this game was going to bring out the less forgiving sides of his own humanity.

However, before attempting to approach the forest he approached blondie instead. Staying a safe distance away from the man, but close enough for him to be heard without needing to raise his voice much, he said, "I'm leaving. If you want to take your chances out here alone then be my guest. If not, then follow me."
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Cata on July 28, 2014, 03:02:05 am »
Spoiler for Hidden:

Name: Areden Raine
Age: 21
Sexuality: Switch
Abilities: Martial arts, throwing knives
Wanted a life as a simple General male but was dubbed a submissive since his brother outshone him as a clearly dominant male. Areden wanted a simple life with his meditations but this was viewed as having no ambition.

So. The time had come for him to enter the damned arena. The same place his own brother lost his life. His parents pride and joy..And he died in the end of The Claiming. This was one of the reason he hated his rank. He never wanted to be in this sick game of the government. He had tried when he was younger to be as normal as he could. But in the eyes of the government. He had somehow been a submissive. He had raged when it had been decided, his elder brother just shaking his head at his rebellious, angered fit. It was a full day of him taking it out on a set of training dummies. But he had calmed and turned his sights to the future.

Ever since then he had been training, never exposing himself. Never letting anyone close enough to know. His parents were too busy fawning on his elder brother. But then...His time for The Claiming came. He made it so far..Only for his submissive to stab him in the back, having aligned secretly with a dominant who was rich and offered a better life than his brother would offer. They were a simple family, but lived very comfortably. His mother was the local apothecary while his father ran their family's dojo. It was meant for dominants, but after his brother died his father started some submissive classes. He suspected it was to try and get him to talk with them. To have them forgive how they placed him in the shadows.

The blindfold was gone and he peered around with pale grey orbs that looked almost silver. He frowned as he slowly moved from his drop off point, moving to a tree. He looked up, hopping up and grasping the lowest branch, the tree snarled in its upward growth thanks to the other trees around it. He hauled himself up, crouching on the branch. He then moved up a bit more before seating himself, his eyes scanning the terrain from his vantage point. He brought his pack forward and checked what he had been given. He clucked his tongue in disdain at the lack of water. So. That was one of the first things on his list before shelter. Food he could go without for at least a good day. And he could ration out what he had into two days. But water. He would feel the effects of dehydration far too quickly.

He slung his pack back on and moved up into the branches, mindful to pull on each and test the strength of it before hauling himself further up. He paused half way up, quiet now as he looked for others. No one was close, but he knew he would run into someone soon. With a sigh he pulled himself up more and finally managed to get a peek out of the canopy. He looked around and spotted a more mountainous terrain in the north. Mountains meant possible ice caps which meant fresher water. But that also meant predators would have a better food source. Possibly mountain lions.

He was satisfied and made his descent, mindful to look around as he did. It took him a good moment to get back down, hopping down to the ground from the lowest branch he could get to. He remained next to the tree, cautious. He was reminded of his brother. Had he known this paranoia?

A shift close by made him put his knife in his hand. He tested the weight. It would not do as well as a throwing knife unless he balanced it more. He shifted his weight, stepping onto the roots of the trees, using the moss covered area to quiet his movements as he peeked around the tree. He saw the green belt and the panic settling on the male he was peering at. Areden almost felt bad. But...He couldn't. He refused to die like his brother, Brenden. If he died..His parents had no one else. Even if they never paid him any mind once his rank was given...He still couldn't leave them with no one to carry on their name.

He wanted to sigh but kept it in as he picked up a moss covered stone form the ground and threw it away from himself, watching the red haired male squeak and look over to the noise. He moved like a feline as he came closer. And as the male turned, he met cold silver eyes and was gurgling on his next breath. Hands lifted as blood spilled from his throat, falling to his knees and then he fell dead before Areden. He tucked his knife away and took the pack off the male, taking his belt as well from his form. He quickly filled his own pack and continued to move, knowing he probably made too much noise in his killing.
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Hex on July 27, 2014, 22:04:57 pm »
Focus, when Abel had that his mind was proficient smooth running machine. When he didn't, well then he ended up staring into nothingness like a drooling nitwit. Unfortunately for him, keeping track of his surroundings brought out the latter. His intense stare had quickly deteriorated into the empty gawk of a daydreamer. If he had been staring in Zaire's direction it was only because the mangroves were the last place he had been looking before his mind skipped gaily off on its own.

And what was it his mind decided to focus on during this life and death game of survival? Lemon sharks, yes, Abel was fantasizing about lemon sharks. It had all started innocently enough. While boring his eyes into the shallows of the mangroves he had been reminded of the fact that the twisted roots were a favorite nursery place for lemon shark pups to hide and grow. From there, his mind had spiraled into several feature length documentaries about the lifecycle of the lemon shark. By the time he had noticed Zaire creeping out of the shadows, the other male was already bending to fill his flask.

Abel's eyes lazily circled Zaire as if they hadn't entirely decided if the other male was actually there. Even as the full force of the realization hit him, Abel's face remained blank. It wasn't a good poker face on his part but a symptom of having a flat affect.

Inwardly Abel was cursing his gnat like attention span.
As he struggled to quickly gain a feel for the male thrust in front of his doddering musings of lemon sharks, the point that first drew his stare was that the other wasn't wearing one of the garish colored belts. His eyes traced the other's hips as he began to assess why. This early in the game, there were only a couple reasons someone wouldn't be wearing a belt. The most blatant being they were a complete idiot and had either lost their belt, or removed it for an equally senseless reason. The other logical motive would be for a strategic aim. Since the man before him didn't look like a complete blithering idiot, Abel for the moment was willing to entertain that it was a matter of strategy.
From the outset, dominants would clearly have the most to gain from trying to hide what group they belonged to, but that was so blatant one could hardly call it strategic. Abel was lining up several other more intelligent reasons when Zaire's low voice broke across the barren shoreline.

Get himself killed? It was almost laughable. Anything he did was likely to kill him at this point. The government had dropped him in this cesspool of game for that exact purpose, to die.

Still, as brusque as the words might be, the other male was verbally extending the proverbial olive branch. Opening lines of communication was the first step in building a potential alliance.

"Wandering around alone will get you killed too," Abel's reply was equally blunt. He reasoned if the male was worth working with than the other would catch his obvious offer to work together. This early in the game it wasn't as if he were looking to get matching cock piercings and become the other's BFF or something.

Abel remind silent and unmoving as he waited for some measure of a reply.
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Blackchain on July 27, 2014, 19:36:43 pm »
The man was becoming impatient. Good... then the next few sentences he would pay attention to...

"Trades work two ways, my friend, but courtesy requires us to know each other before a trade. You don't know me, but..."

Taking a step back he looked at the man, foot to head.

"Now then. Tell me how close I am: you are from the Metropolis, likely in a business profession; you are a Dominant, but have taken off your belt to hide that fact; you are unused to the heat, and so need a reliable source of water desperately. You are a cautious man, but possess considerable courage. Am I correct?"

He of course needed no response; everything he said was only a fact.

"You aren't wearing a belt; the only ones who would benefit from this would be a Dominant. Submissives need to be known to be collected, which is their only way out alive. Your body's reaction to the environs would suggest an indoor occupation, the need for water is everyone's problem, and you were not afraid to try a reckless move like talking to me, so you obviously understand the danger and are a well educated man for attempting negotiation. You were grasping your knife behind your back a moment ago, but you also let go of it before you came toward me, indicating both caution and a desire to avoid violence for information There's only one problem: as far as I can tell, I'm the one with a bargaining chip, and trades require something from both sides..."

Ray's body was beginning to flutter on the inside at this point; his choices were limited, and the man could still kill him if he had a spare knife...

With a slow breath to soothe his nerves he concluded, "But naturally, since you and I are both Dominants, we both know what will come of me if I give away how to tap trees..." He made a small neck-slicing gesture. "And at the same time, if I die, the secret goes with me. So I want to know: if I tell you, what can you offer in return that can help me to survive?"

In wait for an answer, he stood before the drip stick and let the water pool into his hand. After a few moments he lifted his hands to his face, splashing water across his face and pushing his long blond hair back, wetting it. His hair would probably get in the way, but if he got out of here alive, he would not want to alter a thing about himself. He wanted his mother to see him how he was when he entered.

With a relaxed face, he leaned against the tree which dripped tears onto the auburn leaves.

Your move.
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by ~Kira~ on July 27, 2014, 15:58:41 pm »
"!!" Raj had moved too fast for him to react, due to not having expected to see someone up here. Makoto stared down at the dirty blond who had pinned him up against the cave wall and his green eyes flickered down to the knife at his throat. He wasn't dead yet, so he still had a chance. Before taking a person's life, most tended to either draw the knife back a little to gain momentum for a killing blow or shifted their grip on the weapon being used. Those split seconds were enough time for him to use his martial arts to turn the tables.

He blinked when Raj suddenly spoke to him out of nowhere. "Makoto." Why did he want to know his name? What purpose did he have for such knowledge? "Am I what?" Makoto asked, getting a bit aggravated with Raj for taking so long to get out his words. Due to living out on the streets all his life, he was accustomed to things being done quickly and didn't have much patience since he had never been given any by others. Despite the fact that he was talking, Makoto still remained ready to use his martial arts in case Raj decided to kill him here.

The worst thing that could happen would be for him to lower his guard and let this man kill him because of his carelessness. That wasn't going to happen. No matter how scared Raj tried to look, he wasn't sure if it was an act or real since he didn't know the other male.

Makoto wasn't going to trust a stranger, not until he knew if he was trustworthy or not. He narrowed his eyes as he watched Raj drop the knife but still try to keep him pinned to the wall. Now that the danger was gone, he could easily escape Raj's hold with minimal damage. But there wasn't a point in doing so since it didn't seem as if Raj wanted to kill him. And he didn't want to kill Raj right now, he wasn't in the mood. So what harm would there be in letting Raj think he still had control over him and see what the man had in mind for them?

Makoto blinked when he saw the man hold up the branding iron and narrowed his eyes as he thought about the offer for a few seconds. Eh, what the hell, Raj had good reflexes to take him by surprise earlier. He might be able to make some use of them and others might underestimate them too. "Sure." Makoto replied and waited for Raj to respond to his words. He had a high pain tolerance, so figured the branding wouldn't hurt nearly as much as it would others. But could Raj handle such a thing? Then again, maybe he should cry out.

If he did, Makoto would be able to hear the sound of his voice in pain which would be delicious.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 27, 2014, 11:41:14 am »
No worries. And this thread was created to answer questions, so you're not being annoying at all.

No, we decided on no specific posting order. The general rule of thumb we're following atm is to wait until at least 2 other people have posted before you post again: so you post, someone else posts, someone else posts, you can post again.

If someone is going to be absent for a long while in RL, then it's not a problem. RL happens and should be prioritised above RPing. If you're in a situation where your absence is going to slow down someone else (e.g. your character was in the middle of a conversation with someone else's) and you can't post to have your character leave, then the other person will just move on. This is why it's important for us to let others know when we'll be away. If someone isn't aware that you're going to be absent then it may lead to them waiting a long time because they're waiting for you to respond to their character. If they are aware that you're away, then they can just give up on whatever they're doing with your character at that moment and move on to something else. I don't think you necessarily need to kill your character off if you don't want to (it's equally as plausible that your guy has just been off on his own doing something else that's taken him out of the action) but if you want to kill him off and then bring another character in to replace him when you come back, that is completely your choice.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by RawrCandy on July 27, 2014, 11:21:49 am »
Okay i will figure out something ^^
I have a few questions,  sorry if I sound annoying.

Are we following a specific posting order? Like Person A, then B, then C, then D, then A? Or we post just as we want?  I was not sure if we had discussed it before ;//;

Umm and let's say Person A knows they will be absent due to RL for a long while (two weeks,  a month etc.) but they still want to continue roleplaying, but that would slow down A's partner (in case they had one). Is it possible to continue or is it better just to kill that character and create another one when we return?   
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Gaslight on July 27, 2014, 10:22:05 am »
Sorry for the MIA dudes, I was out last night.

Where to start...

@ RawrCandy: We hadn't heard from you in a while so I moved Kaz over to the west because we weren't sure if we'd see you again and I thought it was better to put the two people I knew were around together as opposed to the two people I wasn't sure about (though I guess you've figured this out already). I've still got Cata floating about somewhere so if she decides to commit I'll send her your way. If not then we'll work something else out. Zaire and Abel are not that far away from Alexei and they're talking atm so maybe he'll stumble across them.

@ Kazuo: Interesting question. Doms are not allowed to brand each other to claim one another since they are not going to be allowed to leave the Claiming as a dom/dom pair. But... maybe two Doms will feel like breaking the rules and brand each other anyway. I can also see it being a plausible scenario where one Dom forcefully marks another in order to make it seem like he's claimed in order to remove the competition. Then again, the marked Dom could always just carve a line through the mark if he's got a blade... and I don't really see why a Dom would want to brand another Dom in this type of scenario when he could just kill him instead... Either way, yeah, it could happen. But it wouldn't have the same effect as if a Dom marked a Sub.

And I'm not sure why Alann removed his belt, but I can say that Zaire removed his for a rather more sinister purpose than simply not to stand out. >3
The Claiming / Re: The Claiming (Open)
« Last Post by Kazuo on July 27, 2014, 10:19:02 am »
The man before him taking a swig of the water he’d gotten was a great reminder that he still had a parched throat. It didn’t help, too, that it appeared to him like the other was showing off when he had, in the first place, come out of his hiding place to learn of how that was done. It was honestly akin to getting something out of thin air – the water from the tree.

The roots.

Confusion clearly made itself known to his companion as it took over the bland expression Alann had worn not too long ago. The man wasn’t sure whether the other was answering his question or whether he was talking about something else entirely. And, he’d realized all too late, too, that his question had been vague. He was specifically asking about the hole in the tree and the water, but it appeared that his question had gone wayward. There should be no surprise there that this stranger’s reply went off, too.

It was certainly very unlike him to ask something that wasn’t specific and he idly wondered if it had something to do with the way he’d approached this matter. Or, if it was with the way his heart raced from the slight fear of the thought that anything can happen. After all, the unexpected should always be expected in this game, The Claiming.

Stepping on the roots makes your steps softer and you’re less likely to break twigs.

Realization finally dawned on Alann when he’d heard those words. He just wasn’t sure, though, if he were to take that as a warning or a note for future reference. If it were the first, that would have hit his pride. He’d have also been silently told that he’d been heard even long before and that he’d been aware of his presence since. If it were the latter, that should be taken as a learning experience.

But it appeared like the man really was mocking him. From the words he used next and the way he continued speaking, that was the only conclusion he can come to. Alann was just about to open his mouth to speak up, but he was far too distracted by the man tossing him his flask. In his fear of losing such a valuable item and of water, the man momentarily scrambled to catch it while in the air and let out a quiet sigh of relief when he’d gotten it. He’d only stopped, though, when he’d realized he’d lost his composure there. Clearing his throat into his hand as he straightened up, the male’s eyes cast back up to the man not too far from him gently putting that knife of his on the ground.

Somehow, that simple action caused an internal turmoil within. Was he setting him up? Did he have anyone with him? Was this some sort of peaceful arrangement where they talk terms like they do in business? Alann couldn’t help but find his gaze tearing away from the Dominant before him to look about the place. When he didn’t hear anything else but the sounds of the small critters and their breath, the male turned his attention back to the man before him.

“I’m afraid I’m not wearing any belt,” he answered. Oh, he wasn't teasing him. He was simply making his point. Alann reached behind him to take the handle of his knife. Slowly, he stepped forward and put his blade on the ground. As he did this, he didn’t tear his gaze away from Ray’s, afraid that one wrong move may cause him his life. “And, thank you.” Raising the flask a little, he parted his lips and brought it to his mouth. Just a little swig. That was enough.

Taking more than a gulp before he’d pulled the flask away, Alann let out a breath of satisfaction before he’d finally tore his gaze away from him. Instead, his eyes settled on the water still dripping down the twig.

“Do teach me how you’ve done that.” If he does learn that, it was going to be of great advantage to him. This way, he wouldn’t have to worry about water and about how to get them.
The Claiming / Re: Discussion Thread
« Last Post by Blackchain on July 27, 2014, 08:12:02 am »
Would one of them be considered a Submissive at the end of the tournament, then?

Or even  at the moment of branding?
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