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The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
« on: June 15, 2014, 20:26:11 pm »
The Claiming

The Claiming is a culling process introduced by the Government at its inception. It is maintained by the Government that the Claiming was created to deal with overpopulation, but it is a transparent story that most are able to see straight through.

The reality is that the Claiming was started in order to eradicate most of the men that the Government saw as capable of leading and orchestrating an uprising against the system (the Dominants) and those who would too easily agree to follow (the Submissives).

One of the reasons the 'Submissive' category was created was to ensure that men who were seen as being weak minded and open to undesirable influences would be unable to attain positions of power (such as in Government, the military or the lucrative private sector). Also, while Dominants exhibit many traits that are desirable and indicative of success, it was quickly realised that allowing too many to exist within society would only lead to raised tension and potential social instability. Or, worse, it could lead to an alliance between the most enterprising and persuasive minds against them.

In short, both Dominants and Submissives are viewed to be threats to the Government's power.

This is something that many people are aware of, but it is never voiced or spoken about openly. While some, particularly the affluent, may choose to support Government's propaganda, all the men who walk into the arena are aware of the reasons they have essentially been condemned to die for.

Other reasons for the existence of the Claiming are:

  • An attempt to eradicate individuals who are seen to be parasitic and serve no benefit to society (Submissive males)

  • An attempt to control aggression and violence in those most likely to perpetrate it by removing capable 'competitors' (Dominant males)

  • To ensure the undesirable cannot breed (Submissive males)

  • To provide distraction for those capable of rebelling against the system (Dominant males)

  • To ensure that only the best of the best survived and were able to influence society

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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Claiming
The Arena

Spoiler for Map:

The Claiming Arena is a large expanse of walled off land several dozen miles outside of the Metropolis. Its walls stretch over fifteen feet high and a transparent energy dome acts as a roof, making it impossible to escape over the walls as well as acting as the arena's very own, remotely controlled weather system. The entire arena is about twenty miles in all directions from centre to periphery.

Unlike the rest of the country, the arena seems to be something out of another time and due to its controllable atmosphere has grown into an area that resembles a fecund, tropical jungle. For many of the participants (particularly those from towns and the Metropolis) this will be the first time they have ever experienced an environment so exotic, lush and green. Evidence that it was once a town or city of some sort is evident from several sites of ruins found in the arena. Most are unusable but there are one or two which are in good enough condition to be used as shelter.


The Heart of the Arena

At the very centre of the arena is one of only two sources of water in the entire area; a dam (which resembles a lake with artificially generated waves) that is about two miles wide and a mile long. It is surrounded by another half mile or so of open space which is sandy and resembles a pale, gravelly beach, but in the the east it is bordered directly by about another couple of miles of mangrove (or bayou) which leads into the densest area of jungle. It is bordered by less dense forest to the west, and to the south stretches a dauntingly large open expanse of land. To the north it is bordered by large boulders which are slick but can be climbed to reach an area of low rocky terrain populated intermittently by larger, sturdier trees stretching northward.

Flora in the area:

- In the dam there is kelp and various species of pondweed, which are edible.

Fauna in the area:

- In the dam there are various species of edible fish
- Crabs have been known to one found on the south beach where there is most uninterrupted sunlight
- There is a population of leeches
- However, there are also piranha like fish within the lake which can strip human flesh from the bone
- Animals from other areas of the arena (including predators) use this as their primary water source
- Disease carrying insects, such as mosquitoes, are found in large quantities around this area

Important information:

It is the most easily found source of water (though it is recommended that water is boiled before consumption) and the fish provide an invaluable food source. It is nearly impossible to survive in the arena without visiting the dam, but the open beaches surrounding it mean leaving cover and potentially offering yourself as a target to any who might be hidden nearby or other predators visiting the shores.
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Southern Arena

The south of the arena is completely dominated by grassland and a few purposefully cultivated fields. It stretches from the dam, all the way down to the southern wall. It is almost completely unprotected, however, which means that traversing the southern plains is extremely dangerous due to widespread lack of cover.

In the south east of the grassland area, however, there is evidence of previous habitation due to the presence of ruins which have been reclaimed by nature. They stretch for about a mile long and a mile and a half wide. Most of the ruins are little more than rubble, but there are a couple which may be sturdy enough to be used as shelter. There is only one maintained building in the ruins, and this is used as a first aide store.

Flora in the area:

- Most of the area is taken up by long grasses and with some unkempt fields of wheat toward the very edge of the area
- Several areas within the grassland have been visibly cultivated: in these areas it is possible to find vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, asparagus and cabbage, which can be an extremely valuable supplement for someone's diet
- There are few dangerous plants in this area, save for the occasional mild irritation of nettles

Fauna in the area:

- This area is mostly populated by deer, who graze in the grasslands, plenty of prey for hunting
- It is also home to smaller prey such as rabbits
- Due to the nature of the predator population, there are no large predators active during daylight hours but it is not unknown for the odd cougar to prowl up on the herds at night
- There are smaller predators such as foxes and eagles which focus on smaller prey

Important information:

The area is a rich food source but the miles upon miles of open space make it a dangerous area to travel through due to the fact that it is bordered by tree cover both to the east and the west where other participants may hide and attack with ranged weapons. However, the most vital aspect of this area is the first aide store. It is located in a small building with no doors, roof or windows and it is the only area where an injured participant can receive medical support. However, the amount of equipment available is very limited and once it has been depleted no more will be provided.
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Western Arena

The western part of the arena is taken up by forest, some areas of which are fairly sparse, others which can be quite dense. It is made up primarily of yew, oak, spruce, pines and poplars. Most of the trees have high branches which, with the help of a little ingenuity, could be climbed. While the trees do provide cover, there is little natural shelter here.

Flora in the area:

- There are several bushes in this area which may provide edible berries. And possibly toxic ones as well.
- This area is dense with varieties of toxic plants such as Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) and Conium (Hemlock) which, if ingested, will lead to illness and death

Fauna in the area:

- There are bees in this area that make honey
- This area is mostly home to some smaller game, such as rabbits, badgers, mice etc.
- Smaller amounts of deer graze in the few meadows in the forest and they often create footpaths showing which routes they take
- However, this is the prime hunting ground for one of the largest predators in the arena: the grey wolf. Silent stalkers , it is conceivable that someone travelling alone through the forest may never even hear a pack approaching, intent on making him their meal
- The is also a threat from black bears

Important information:

The area is provides some of the best cover in the arena and with relatively little risk. There is less to hunt and forage in this area, but at the same time the cover makes hunting what it there easier. Other than the tree canopy, it provides little natural shelter, however a few plants with medicinal properties such as poppies (opium) can be found there.
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Northern Arena

The area to the north of the arena is a much more rugged landscape. It begins with low, upward sloping terrain closer to the centre of the arena which leads into a highland of rocky hills (too small to be mountains. Think a smaller version of the Himalayas here). There is not much green vegetation save for occasional clusters of trees, moss/lichen and some scrub brush growing up through the rocks. However, it also populated with caves that make excellent natural shelter. There are also plenty of rocky outcrops where one might hide to hunt anything/anyone walking below. There is another water source here as well - less easy to locate since it is hidden in a gorge - which is a small waterfall and rock pool. The water here is cold, fresh and much safer to drink than the water found in the lake. The rock pool is also a good place to bathe.

Flora in the area:

- A smattering of spruce trees near the centre of the arena, very little vegetation farther north
- There are some species of scrub brush which may grow up through the rocks, but they aren't edible
- Moss and lichen grows on rocks and boulders, more densely near the water source, and make very good bandages to stem heavy bleeding

Fauna in the area:

- There is a sizable population of mountain goats that graze on the scrub brush in the area
- Birds (particularly eagles) prefer to nest on the higher rocky outcrops, meaning eggs
- However, this area is a favoured hunting ground for the largest and most dangerous predators in the arena: mountain lions (cougars)

Important information:

This area is the best area to attempt to set up camp due to the robust shelter provided by caves in the rock faces. Some caves will be larger but more easily seen while others might be quite difficult to find and smaller. But you only need space for one, right? The goats are a good food source if one is capable of hunting them, but one should always be wary of the cougars who prefer to move across the high rocky outcrops and pounce on prey from above. It is also somewhat labyrinthine and someone who doesn't know the layout of the area well could very easily end up getting lost in the maze of rocks and be unable to find their way back.
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Eastern Arena

The east of the arena is split into two recognisably different parts: the mangroves (or swamp like land) which are entered directly from the heart of the arena and stretch for a couple miles, eventually leading into a heavy, tropical rainforest like environment.

The Mangroves:

This area is covered in murky water which is about knee deep in some areas, thigh deep in others and can become deeper after heavy rains. It is typically too shallow to be traversed on a raft and the spaces between the trees (while large enough for humans to pass through with ease) are generally too narrow to make this an option. A dense thicket of spindly, short trees grow up through the water and the ground is a treacherous labyrinth of large, aerial roots and muddy soil. It is impossible to move through the area very quickly due to the presence of water and the slight suction of the ground beneath foot. There are also more dangerous, unseen areas that are quagmires (something similar to quick sand) that have incredible suction power. If one is unable to pull oneself free quickly, then the likelihood is that within an hour you will have been sucked downward into the water and drowned.

Flora in the area:

- The area is taken up almost solely by dense mangrove trees and there is very little other vegetation here. Their branches are light and spindly and not capable of supporting the weight of a man
- Moss and lichen may grow on the trunks of some of these trees
- Edible sprouts and shoots grow on some of the underwater roots
- Some of the thinner roots and sturdier vines which hang between the trees can be used as a substitute for rope and are very useful for building shelters

Fauna in the area:

- This area is populated mainly by flying insects such as mosquitoes and dragonflies
- The occasional small monkey might be seen
- Large water serpents such as anacondas might be found in this area

Important information:

Hanging around in this area is not recommended since it offers little food, undrinkable water and nowhere to shelter oneself for the night (though, of course, shelters can be built here. On stilts, maybe?). However, anyone wanting to reach the denser jungle environment farther east must pass through it.

The Rainforest:

Think any version of a South American forest you've ever seen. The dense tree cover and the water from the nearby mangroves make this a notably humid and warm area. The vegetation here is most lush and ranges from towering mahogany trees to smaller palm and banana trees. There is dense underbrush and this area is absolutely teeming with life. It is a singularly beautiful sight, however... it is also very easy to get lost in if one isn't careful.

Flora in the area:

- This area has the most diverse plant life in the entire arena. It is populated by fruit trees producing things like mangoes, bananas, guavas, avocadoes and edible fungi, but also less identifiable fruits. Most of these fruits are extremely toxic and if ingested will cause illness and death
- This is the area to go if looking for plants that could be used for medicinal purposes and just about anything can be found here if one knows where to look.
- However, there are also more deadly, toxic species than you can shake a stick at and all of it will kill you

Fauna in the area:

- This area is very bio-diverse and contains animals not found elsewhere, such as smaller species' of monkeys, rodents, lizards, large moths and most bats and birds live in this area. However, there isn't much prey for hunting.
- Insects own the area, everything from biting ants to praying mantises, locusts and, of course, hissing cockroaches
- There are no large predators in the area, but there are a myriad of toxic creatures which can kill you, such as spiders, scorpions and poisonous amphibians such as frogs.
- The biggest threat in this are the snakes. They are populous and range from constrictors (such as boa constrictors and pythons) to more venomous species such as adders and vipers. Some live in the branches of trees while others can hardly be seen moving through the dense undergrowth.

Important information:

This area is essential when it comes to first aid. The savvy explorer will be able to find plants which can be used to treat any of the most serious wounds and illnesses and, given the scarceness of provided medical supplies, is unavoidable to any who wish to survive the Claiming in the long run.
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Claiming
Rules and Regulations

1. All participants enter the arena in a black t-shirt, black cargo slacks with a variety of pockets, black leather boots, a belt (red for Dominants, green for Submissives) and a survival rucksack. The rucksack includes:
  • One change of clothes (but not boots), a heavily padded weatherproof jacket, a lighter black hoodie and a light cotton blanket
  • One day's supply of dried food an empty water flask and a small metal pot without lid
  • One roll of bandages and a very small tube of antiseptic cream
  • One small-bladed pocket knife and some flints
  • A small iron brand of an individually recognised symbol (Dominants only)

2. Participants are dropped off at various different locations in the arena, not as one large group. The intention is that each participant begins the Claiming alone, but where the numbers are large participants may be dropped off in groups of two or three.

3. Participants are responsible for finding their own food, water and shelter

4. All weapons must be made by hand using materials found in the environment. Wood is found in any of the wooded areas, stones which can be sharpened in the northern arena and glass or metal shards might be found by scavenging the southern ruins. It is also possible to find weapons which have been left behind from previous Claimings, but they are very, very rare finds

5. Dominant males may claim whichever Submissive they want at a time of their choosing. If a Dominant wishes to claim a Submissive, the Dominant will make his intentions known. A Submissive may refuse to be claimed by a Dominant male, however they may not choose a Dominant male to claim them. In the event that an offer of claiming is refused, a Submissive opens himself to the risk of never receiving another offer

6. If the Submissive accepts the claiming offer, both parties will then use the Dominant's brand to to brand themselves on the inside of their wrist to mark themselves as claimed (left wrist for the Dominants, right wrist for the Submissives). If a partner from a claimed pair is killed, the surviving partner will carve a line through their brand

7. Participants who are part of a claimed pair but have lost their partner will be open for Claiming once again. So to say, a Dominant whose Submissive has died will be eligible to claim another Submissive and a Submissive who has lost their Dominant will be open for claiming again. However, once claimed, neither party can change their mind and break the claim. In this instance, the only way to break the claim is to kill ones own partner (there are no repercussions for this during the Claiming and Submissives are allowed to do it as well as Dominants)

8. The Claiming is expected, but not required. If a Dominant male does not find a suitable mate, he may choose not to claim. However, if either an unclaimed Dominant or Submissive is the sole survivor of the Claiming, they will be freed but required to participate in the next and all subsequent Claimings until he survives as part of a claimed pair. It is not enough that one Dominant and one Submissive survive; if they are not a claimed pair then they will not be considered a unit and unless the Dominant agrees to claim the Submissive, only one will be allowed to leave the arena alive

9. Participants are allowed to form alliances with other participants (Dominant or Submissive, claimed or unclaimed) as they see fit in order to survive. So to say, two claimed pairs may form an alliance, Dominants may form alliances with either other Dominants or Submissives, Submissives may form alliances with other Submissives or Dominants. However, it is expected that they will ultimately turn on one another in order to be the last one/pair standing. Trust no one

10. Under no circumstances will it ever be allowed for more than one claimed pair to leave the arena alive
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Re: The Claiming: Facts and Fictions
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The Claiming
Governmental Powers

As an externally controlled environment, the Government have control of every facet of the arena and may manipulate it as they choose. The arena is also divided into five sectors: the heart, the southern arena, the northern arena, the eastern arena and the western arena. As such, the government is able to control the environments of each sector separately (so to say, there may be a brutal lightning storm in the western arena but a heat wave in the southern arena at the same time).

What the Government can do:
  • Control the temperature
  • Control humidity
  • Control the weather through the energy dome that acts as a roof over the entire arena
  • Control seismic activity through devices buried several dozen meters below ground
  • Introduce or remove any creatures/things from the environment
  • Through use of energy shields, block of certain areas of the environment

How this translates into challenges:
  • The Government may make the arena as warm as a desert or as cold as the arctic (snow included)
  • The can produce snow storms, rainstorms, electrical storms, hurricanes and violent winds
  • This may lead to flooding or fires and the possibility of being struck by lightning (from electrical storms)
  • Earthquakes can occur, from mild to violent
  • The Government has an arsenal of extremely deadly, mutated beasties which they might choose to introduce into the environment (I'll let your imaginations run wild on that one)
  • The Government can introduce insects carrying specific diseases
  • They can introduce toxic mists and acid rain

Suggestions for anything else that might be fun are more than welcome! However, please try to keep them natural. Nothing like metal plates that can fall from the sky and crush someone XD Please post all suggestions or questions in the discussion thread.
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