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Character Index
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Character Index
The Dominant Males     

Played by Gaslight

Name: Zaire (pronounced Z-eye-r) Kainth

Age: 21

Category: Dominant Male

Sexuality/position: Bisexual/Switch (likes to do both, his preference depends on his mood)

Bio: Born to the owner of small a florist in one of the seaside towns, Zaire is an only child. His mother died when he was four and he was raised primarily by his father and a maternal aunt. His family were average and no one was more surprised than his father was when the five year old Zaire was categorised as a dominant male. This was because Zaire didn't appear to have the typical traits of a dominant male. In fact, he was rather antisocial but he did excel remarkably in academia and sports (particularly long distance running). His status as a dominant male was earned primarily because it was observed that the other children seemed to feel uncomfortable around his very stoic nature and while he never really wanted to lead anybody, people had a habit of doing whatever he told them to out of a misunderstanding and mild fear of him. His personality didn't change much throughout his life and upon finishing high school he was adopted by the state and is currently attending university studying biochemical engineering with the intention of finding work in a pharmaceutical company, all stemming from his childhood where his father (a botanist) would teach him all about different kinds of plants.

Personality: Zaire is a lone wolf type of character, dominant in the sense that he refuses to be led by anyone but generally couldn't give a shit about whether any choose to follow him. He's quiet and rather unobtrusive, but also chillingly intelligent, with a head for strategy. He is constantly thinking and prefers to deliberate a situation long and hard before he makes a single move. Which is useful, apart from the fact that he sometimes overthinks things and gets in his own way. He is a singularly non-aggressive individual (mostly because he sees it as being a waste of time) and he has a very, very slow temper. However, if it appears that someone is likely to keep troubling him even after he's given warnings, then he will react swiftly and severely to make sure that the person never does so again. He hates people who attempt to intimidate him in anyway, who are arrogant or prideful and generally people who are assholes and is known to have been champion to the underdogs. Zaire thinks the Claiming is an absolute joke, despises the fact that he's going to have some whiny Submissive dumped on him and has essentially been condemned to death for simply being who he is. While he despises the Government for criminal exploitation of the people, he also has a grudging admiration for the efficiency of their oppression.

Played by Sexi-Kitten

Name : Raj Slaght

Age : 21

Category : Dominate Male

Sexuality / Position : Gay / Switch

Back story:  Raj comes from an east village that's focus is on their farming. Though their soil was never great they were not fortunate enough to be near a large body of water for fishing nor a good place for mining. The only way they continue to live is with their potato harvests. Raj was seen working with his father when he was named a Dominant Male. Not ever small boy of the age of six were able to carry big bags of potatoes.

Growing up, Raj's body grew strong and, by force of his Dominant title, has taken the lead in many events in school (offered by the government), work and whenever he was needed. In front of others Raj is seen as any other Dominant Male. What people don't notice is his shyness. Raj doesn't talk much.It isn't often Raj needs to make decisions, he only needs to lead the way. His actions are more powerful and, according to the society,  is all that matters. If forced to make a speech Raj fears he will be re-titled as a Submissive Male.

Played by BlackChain

Name: Ray "Mutt" Clemment

Age: 23

Role: Dominant

Sexuality: Heterosexual, but open to experimentation

Bio: Living in a small town had it's advantages for Ray, but his father's expectations were exorbitant. All his life was devoted to building rapport with those around him, strengthening his relations to others to make his trek through each day a bit easier. At the age of 4, Ray's affinity for manipulation had begun to surface, able to convince even adults that he was innocent of his true sins, and the engine behind great achievements. Charisma was his weapon, and with it he could convince all but his father that his intentions were pure. Always his old man would see through even the most complicated of deceits, and force the boy to hours of abuse behind closed doors. Belts and knuckles were the driving force behind his academic success, but his true strength was in Animal Biology and Psychology. His love for animals was mostly secret, and once trained a neighbor's large canine to stop barking, stay close, and attack on a whim. His skills were recognized as a valuable trainer and academic, so was given the role of Dominant. His father scoffed at his accomplishment, stating that his son would always bow to him. That was until a day arrived when that same son indirectly suggested to a local Sergeant that his father had secretly bedded his wife. His father had gone missing the next day, much to Ray's satisfaction and his equally abused mother's delight. He then went on to care for his mother through animal training pursuits, teaching the local Army Base's attack dogs. He was well liked around his town, despite his hidden wickedness. No one could trace an idea back to him, which made him the true puppeteer of the town. His personal propaganda rivals that of the government who, despite his use of their soldiers and magistrates, he despises greatly for their abuse of the very dogs he trains.

Personality: Manipulative, often subtly cruel, but highly intelligent. Standing at 5'11", his fairly large frame and strong upper body make him dangerous, though he prefers to use his mind over matter on any occasion. He adores animals of all forms, enjoys riddles and loves chess, but rarely finds a partner of suitable intelligence. Has a soft spot when it comes to his mother, but is not adverse to using others to his own ends, no matter how severe the outcome. His motto: "Anything is Obtainable"

Played by Kazuo

Name: Alann Bolst
Age: 23
Category: Dominant Male
Sexuality/Position: Bisexual/Switch

Alann was born and raised from a wealthy family who owns quite a number of corporations and shares from the Metropolis. Marked as a Dominant Male from birth, Alann didn't grow up with the bullying and abuse of those marked as a Submissive even when he'd attained an injury that could give his life up any minute. That bullet was meant for and aimed at his father for being labeled and marked by society as a 'corrupt' businessman. This, too, was done late early in the morning.

The oldest sibling of the Bolst family was rushed to the hospital, but they couldn’t do anything nor could they have been prepared for the effects it brought forth.

Since that day, Alann’s heart has become a ticking time bomb. Doctors pointed out that the bullet had embedded itself deep into his organ. Luckily enough, it wasn’t life-threatening yet. It had missed a major heart valve, but just a bit of a movement of the said bullet, and it can open up to spread the gun powder into his system. In short, that ticking time bomb meant that he could be poisoned at any time. He’s been told to avoid great impact to his chest, which is why he’s started wearing a cushioned, bullet-proof vest under his shirt.

Although the cameras showed the real story that day, the Government has yet to find out about this. Should they get their hands on this fine piece of information, his family was going to suffer a great loss of a great man who, by far, exceeded his father as a Dominant. To this day, Alann hasn’t spoken a single word of this incident, but he neither let this nor his so-called foreseeable ‘death’ hinder his ability of creation and innovation to think out of the box. And, he intended not to have the Government take any chance to start the matter or push it for the sake of the image of his family has upheld for generations.

His younger brother, on the other hand, became a rather great speaker. Although the youngest sibling of the Bolst family got more of the attention from society for getting his thoughts out there for public ears, this wasn’t at par alone. With Alann, they were the powerhouse of the family. And, this was further proved when Alann didn’t just receive recommendations from his father. His father’s shareholders gave him positive words and reviews for being the mastermind behind the concept and innovation of artificial ‘clean air’. He’s next in line to take over his father’s job, and what other great move could he do to contribute to the success of their family businesses?

That’s right: The Claiming. He purposely included himself in this dangerous game all for the sake of ‘popularity’. If he wins, he was more than positive that they’d be able to get all the support they’d need once he gets out. And, Alann would do anything even if it means pulling the strings from the shadows.

Has he mentioned that he has no intention of letting go of the title “Dominant Male” in this fracked out society?

Alann may look rather stoic and nonchalant, but he, between the Bolst brothers, has one of the softest of hearts. If he sees that things need to be done, he’d see to it that it’s finished to the end. And, if he had to work with a corrupt man, he’d try and get to the results the right way behind the said man’s back. Alann liked showing results instead of saying things so nonchalantly so as to prove himself right. He, to society, has never lied, which makes him quite a formidable man who has gained a lot of trust even if people hadn’t met him yet.
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Re: Character Index
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The Submissive Males     

Played by ~Kira~

Name: Makoto Nagasaki
Age: 21
Category: Submissive Male
Sexuality/position: Bisexual/Switch. Depends on his mood, sometimes he wants to top, other times he wants to bottom.
Abilities: Martial arts master, skilled with blades.
Hair: Black, shoulder length.
Eyes: Green
Weaknesses: Smokes, extremely bad sense of direction (gets lost easily).
Strengths: Makoto is agile and quick on his feet, has a talent for violence.
Other: He smokes and enjoys violence, taking every opportunity to hurt others around him.

Makoto had no memory of who his parents were or whether he had any siblings in the past. When he was born, he was classified as a Submissive and when he turned five, his memory shorted out for some reason. His earliest memory is living out on the streets at the tender age of ten. Over the next eleven years, Makoto was forced to resort to violence and criminal acts in order to survive out on the streets and soon developed a taste for violence and cigarettes. During this time he grew proficient in martial arts and the art of blades, namely switchblades and handmade ones. He's dabbled with swords but hasn't managed to get his hands on one that he can call his own. Makoto attended school in his village, to pass the time.

But he tends to break the rules often due to his wild nature.

Played by Fangirlnation

Name: Hanel (Beckendorf) Weissman

Age: 18

Category: Submissive Male

Sexuality/Position: Demisexual/Unknown


Hanel was born the bastard son of a singer and the dominant son of one of the government's most influential leaders. Despite the fact that his father was engaged to be married at the time of his birth, he and his mother were permitted to stay in a small apartment in Metropolis for the early years of his life. During that time he saw his father frequently, however when it came time to receive his category Hanel was labeled as a submissive, and immediately all contact ceased. Hanel and his mother were forced to move back to her old village, where her father worked as a physician for meager (sometimes no) wage. There Hanel adopted his grandfather's last name, and his mother and grandfather supplemented his poor education with practical knowledge on basic healing, foraging, and food preparation. Even with his small knowledge of survival skills, Hanel has a weak constitution (from being raised in Metropolis and lacking a developed immune system fit for village life). He's unable to do much hard work on his own, and his mother and grandfather fear that he might end up dead if he does not find a dominant to claim him.

Played by Rikku

Name: Nathan Shaw (known as Nate to friends)
Age: 21
Category: Submissive

Appearance: Nathan has a lean  but muscled build, standing at 5'8 and weighting 148lbs. He has ebony coloured hair with a bluish tint under the sun and his eyes are a smoky grey with pale blue flecks. He has a pale complexion from being indoors more often than not. Despite not being allowed out a lot, Nathan spends a decent amount at the gym and is in a relatively fit condition.

Bibliography: Nathan was what you would call, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His family was of the upper class and privileged, practically swimming in money. His father's company practically supplied the government with all the weaponry they needed for their soldiers and armies. When Nathan was born, his father was so proud - the ever doting parent, he believed without a hint of doubt that Nathan was a dominant.

It was in the later years when the shocking day came, that Nathan's father found out he was in fact a submissive from the government officials whom visited his house. Despite having the test redone thrice, the outcome was the same. Nathan's father soon began pushing money into private tutors and private classes, paying them ridiculous amounts of money to keep it all in secrecy. While he knew his son was a submissive, it did not mean the rest of society had to know - his disappointment was only for Nathan to see.

Thus, Nathan was brought up as a dominant, being taught to hide his true status as his father distanced himself away from him completely. Fueled by the need to prove himself, Nathan excelled at school and sports - graduating years before his peers as he pushed himself to desperate ends. Despite finishing a university leveled degree, a double major in mechanical engineering and computer programming, way before years he was suppose to, his father never spared him a glance.

Personality: Nathan is someone you could call a sociopath at first glance. He likes to be well prepared with all the knowledge possible in advance, whether it's gained through bribes, blackmail, or charisma. He's ruthless when necessary and often snarky and witty with his friends. His stubbornness and refusal to give up, works as both a good and bad trait and no one would've ever believed he was a submissive upon meeting him. Everyone believes he's geared towards big things with his father's company.

Despite his projected persona, Nathan actually has a bigger plan in mind - he's a strong but quiet believer in equality. After all, he was a walking example of the fact that submissive can do just as much as dominants. The whole 'Utopian' society thing doesn't work, he's seen what his father does, what their company makes, and it's certainly not geared towards peace. So with that in mind, Nathan plans and plots behind his parents back - studying the city grid, understanding the technology used, making connections with the right people and waiting for the day to put it all in action. The ideal time? When he's thrown into The Claiming Game.

Played by hunt_unseen

Name: Gabby Creylinn
Age: 18 (but just barely)
Nickname: Gabby/Brat/Scrap/Cupcake
Birthday: April 16
Zodiac: Aries.
Occupation: Gang member/prostitute.
Species: Human.
Significant Other: N/A
Position: Power bottom (submissive)
Family: None.
Physical Appearance: Gabby has dark hair, shorter in the back and longer in the front, and amber-coloured eyes. He's slender, tiny and sexy, and the biggest propagator (in his opinion) of "just because I look like a weakling, doesn't mean I AM a weakling". He generally enjoys wearing short-booty-shorts, thigh highs and boots that come over the knee, but he's not a pushover.
Personality: Gabby has a scrappy personality and his bite is bigger than his bark. He likes being labeled a submissive, because it means that people often underestimate him. He likes it when that happens. He's smarter than he looks and smarter than he acts.
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Backstory:Being labeled a submissive has always been just that: a label, but it was a label he thought to use to his advantage. He disliked the way that school worked, the way that many people treated him, simply because he wasn't a beefcake, so he quit. He always considered brains and intelligence worth more than how much a person could bench press with one arm.

However, the problem with being labeled a submissive is that someone will eventually come along whose bigger and stronger than you. Might makes right and all that. Gabby needed someone to protect him, because at the time, he couldn't really protect himself. So, he joined a gang, became the sub to the gang's dominant and did his best to learn how to defend himself and survive in a land that wasn't necessarily interested in preserving his existence.

Unfortunately, there's always someone out there whose bigger and badder than you, which is how he ended up in the Claiming to begin with. His boss was killed and the subs in the gang sold off for a bit of cash or kept for whatever, and he, being a scrappy fighter with a mouth on him, pissed off the wrong sorts of people and where-else do you go when you piss off the wrong sorts of people.
Advantages:strategical, good at coming up with ways out or into something, lucky, quick, light-footed, sexy, cunning, smart, scrappy fighter.
Weaknesses: afraid of the dark, isn't good with heat. (Still working on this one)
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