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Herein lie the rules that anyone in the RP will be expected to follow. Most of it is common sense, some of it is procedural but all should be aware of them so that everyone can get along in peace and harmony.

General Rules:

1. Be excellent to each other. This one goes without saying and everyone is expected to respect one another both as people and as RPers. This doesn't mean agreeing with everything someone else says, but we're all grown people and we can deal with our differences in a mature and reasonable way.

2. Be excellent to each other. I felt the need to repeat because never, under any circumstances, will bullying be tolerated. This is meant to be fun and if I or any other member of the group feel that someone is being disrespectful or behaving inappropriately then the perpetrator will be given a warning. If this behaviour continues, another warning will be given. If behaviour still continues, then the other members of the RP will be asked to vote on whether the offending player should be kicked out of the RP (majority vote verdict wins).

3. If you are going to be unable to post for a lengthy period of time, please be courteous and let other people know so that they aren't waiting for or trying to interact with a character who is unavailable. If someone is absent for more than a week without any explanation then I will PM them to ask if they're still interested in the RP. If I don't get a reply within five days then they will be considered removed from the RP and I will PM them telling them as much. There are many people involved in this so we need to be considerate of one another. All it takes is one little post and then you can be gone for however much time you want and will be welcomed back with open arms  upon your return.

4. I'm sure I don't need to say this, but no god-modding.
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Re: Rules
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Character Rules:

1. Once we're all settled with our first characters and have got the RP flowing, I will be happy to allow people to create more than one character!

2. There is no limit on how many characters you are allowed to create, but it's expected that all characters will be fairly active. I will leave it up to your discretion to decide how many characters you can handle.

3. Characters cannot all be from the same category if you are creating more than 2. This is because a balance between the number of Dominants and Submissives there are in the RP needs to be maintained so that there's enough of everything for everyone, so if at all possible please try to create characters opposite to the category you last chose or create intelligently. If you can see that there are already a few too many Submissives and would like to create a Submissive, then wait for a few more Dominants to arrive before you create your character.

4. In order to maintain the balance, all characters will need to be approved by me before they can join the RP. I won't reject any character unless there is currently an imbalance in the numbers. If this happens, you can always ask for me to keep your character in reserve and I will allow him to join the moment a spot opens up.

5. You are also free to create as many minor side characters as you want. These side characters can do whatever you please but will not join the pool of sexable males. As such, whether they are Dominants or Submissives doesn't matter. If you become attached to a side character and want to promote him to a main, you'll need to request this and he will need to be approved before he can start sexing anyone. He may not be approved immediately depending on the Dom/Sub balance at that moment, but you can continue playing him as a side until he is.

6. Decision about intimacy threads pending.
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Re: Rules
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Procedural Stuff:

1. Please respect the arena. Each area has its own pros and cons and it has been designed the way it is for a reason, so don't change things around just to fit what you need in your post. I think that goes without saying.

2. If you need something from another area of the arena, you will have to travel there. If you have to travel through another area of the arena to get there, then stop there and allow others the opportunity to post. Travelling from the northern tip to the southern tip is a 40 mile journey, it's not only going to take 20 minutes so by having your character walk from the northern arena to the southern arena all in one post will force a timeskip and other characters may currently be involved in their own important real time things.

2. Characters are potentially going to die in this game. If you leave your character open and someone else who was hiding manages to take your character out, there are no redos*.

3. In that vein, you can only kill another character if there is a realistic opportunity to do so. So to say, if one character decides to take a chance and run across an open field in the south arena, another character who was in the north arena cannot somehow make it to the south arena and kill the other character all in one post. If one character has an opportunity to kill another but no weapon, he cannot suddenly find a ready-made knife lying a couple feet away.

4. Rules on combat system pending.

* There are some people who have expressed a wish that their main characters do not die. If you want to challenge a person who's expressed this wish then please respect it. These characters can only be gravely wounded at most. If you've elected to immortalise your character, then please be aware that he'll have the opportunity to save himself and recover but will still die if he/anyone else is unable to provide help.

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