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The Claiming (Open)
« on: June 21, 2014, 14:14:58 pm »
Of course. Why was he even surprised?

Raising a hand to stare through the bright shafts of light streaming down through the gnarled, twisted branches lacing above his head in a broken canopy, Zaire moved his feet, feeling them sink slowly further into the thick sludge that hid beneath the murky waters, sending soft ripples across the eerily stagnant surface. It felt like his own weight and the weight of the backpack slung over his left shoulder were going to be his enemy here.

It had been barely ten minutes since he'd been led into the water and his blindfold removed, and there were only a handful of things that the young male knew: it was hot, the humidity being sealed between the boughs was causing a film of moisture to form over his pale skin, the only sounds around him were the odd cry of a bird and unidentified rustling above him. And because he had the shittiest luck ever, he'd been dumped in some swamp.

As if this whole charade hadn't been enough of a death warrant already.

It was while staring upward through the trees that he realised something else, something more troubling. There was light, there was heat, but in the blue sky overhead there didn't appear to be any sun. A quick rifle through his backpack revealed that there was no compass either. "Shit." In some twisted way, Zaire couldn't help but admire the Government dogs' handiwork. With no way to orient themselves, they were truly stranded.

However, staying in this swamp didn't seem like the best of ideas. Slinging his pack off his shoulder, he made several adjustments to himself. First, his belt was removed and hastily stashed inside since it made him a practical walking bulls-eye to trigger happy shit heads that could well be lurking nearby. Next, the small blade he discovered was removed before his pack was returned to its place. Standing on one of the larger aerial roots below the water's surface gave him enough height to saw through a nearby length of vine slung between the branches of two trees. He estimated that it was about a meter long, and it was quickly coiled and stashed in his pack as well.

And then, every movement made sluggish by the heavy water, he began to move. This area was too disadvantageous and he knew that before anything else he needed to find more solid ground, so he began a slow, silent trudge in what he could only assume was an easterly direction.
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Taka found his place distressful, having in mind that his blind was just remove, he looked around feeling this strange hot wind, sweeping around. His eyes narrowing a bit, a sound of hiss, could be heard from somewhere around him, so he paid close attention, when he finally noticed the creature which is giving out those sounds, he throw a heavy chunk of stone at it, which splashed the creature, he smirked a bit as he approached and look over the stone. "Snakes. Hate them." He simply said, pressing the stone even further to make the death reptile squish even more under his foot. "Hate ya." He repeat himself as he then pushed himself up and look around, his eyes moving slowly from one side to another. "Do I see things, or am I really in some abandoned ruin place." He said with a raised eyebrow, as he jumped down from the stone on which he were, walking slowly around.

"Papa was right... the government does have large imagination when it comes to killing people." He simply said as he entered in one of the ruined stone houses to check inside, his first check was about any other reptiles beside the one which he just killed, because sneaky pets can hide anywhere, so he took extra time for that. Once he made sure there is none, he entered further in the place, to explore the rooms which are not in his sight, he noticed few ruined blankets, teared cloths, teared pillows and lots and lots of dust. He groan softly. He took one of the teared cloths and took a look on it, he then gathered in a ball and placed in his bag. "Could help with starting a fire." He simply said as he looked at the teared blankets... they wouldn't help much if he finds himself into a cold area, so he just ignored them, he checked some of the old wooden drawers, he raised an eyebrow and their empty contain, "Seems like I haven't been the only one here, they trashed and everything inside them has been taken." He simply said to himself and threw the drawer to the side as he turned around and head to go outside.

He tried to check out in his bag for a compass, but he was out of luck. "Shit... I could swear I had one here... before those pets take it. Damn them!" He said angry and squeezed his bag tightly, he frowned a bit, as he gave another long look at the are around him. "Where the heck I am?" He asked himself as he tried to climb up on top of a rock or ruined building, or something which could give him nice look on the place around him. When he finally found one, which were tall enough, his eyes widen and his mouth open wide. He could see around him several more places with ruins, but then suddenly this whole are changes into vast are of green lands, were all sort of animals run around, he could hear Eagles giving their proud sound which spreads all over the place, he couldn't believe on his eyes. "Wh-What the hell... this area is totally deserted, but when I leave it just after half a mile, I enter in rich zone of green lands, with no cover... are these guys fucking with me?" He said angry and bite his bottom lip, but then his eyes were taken by a deer near by.

"I-I can't believe it... a deer?" He said with a smirk as he reached for a bow on his back, but there was none. He pressed few times his back to make sure, as he groan softly. "You've got to kidding me... I need to make a weapon too... could have at least give me one..." He mumbled to himself, as he pulled out from his bag the teared cloth which he found in the ruined house moment ago, and looked for one heavy stone, once he found one he attached the stone in the middle of the fabric and start rolling the fabric with the stone inside few times trying to aim, as soon as he managed he let go of the fabric which flew straight for the deer head and smashed directly leaving the poor animal laying on the ground and it's blood soaking the grounds.
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Water... running water. That was the first thing that Raj noticed when he was brought blindfolded to the piece of land he was meant to start this death game. Once he was able to see the dirty blond was relieved to see fresh water, however this was not the place he was hoping to be placed. There wasn't any cover by the river, he is going to have to step back into the caves to hide from time to time if he planned on getting out of this area. The river is meant to lead the way to the middle of the grounds, he should start following it.

Quickly taking out the empty flask and filled it up for when he would need it for later. Raj also grabbed a few mossy patches so that he coulduse it to stop any bleeding, though he hoped it wouldn't come down to that. Raj really didn't like the fact that he will have to kill or be killed in here. This was a great place to start out for that too. Anyone could see him right now.

Once the flask was full Raj rushed to hide in a nearby cave. Taking out his knife he stared at it for a moment. It wasn't going to be long be for this blade tastes blood. Maybe he can get through the first day without seeing anyone. Yet, finding a Submissive would be helpful. That is... if he can talk one into teaming up with him in a Claiming. That was the main goal : Get a Submissive as fast as possible. You can't really win without one and Raj did not want to have to return here next year. There was a problem though... talking.

With a sigh Raj leaned against the walls of the cave. Talking to others was his weak point. There was no way a Submissive is going to agree to a Claiming if he can't even ask. He isn't allowed to force the Submissive either; not that he would be so cruel to do such a thing. It's bad enough he has to brand the poor guy. Hot iron hurts quite a bit. The stupid Government and their sick rules. This whole game is sick.

Staying in one place for too long could be dangerous so Raj thought he would start moving down the river to find the Heart of the Arena. So they call it. He kept his knife in hand and adjusted his bag on his back. The moment he stepped outside he froze. He wasn't alone. By the river's bank taking a drink. The belt he wore told Raj that he was a Dominant.

Kill or be killed.

Without thinking Raj stepped closer, quiet as a mouse, and gripped his knife tightly. With his eyes closed he stabbed the man in the back of the neck. Blood pooled out of the man as he choked and tried to rip Raj's hand away. It was too late for him and writhing the minute the Dominant's body went limp and fell on his side beside the river. Raj took out his knife when he felt the man drop and opens his emerald eyesto see the horrible thing he had done. His body shook with fear and adrenaline. His body was still work in on its own as he stripped off the other Dominant's backpack and ran off to follow the river.

Finding another cave Raj sat inside with his clean hand pulling at his thick hair. His other still held the slippery knife that was covered with blood. He had gained a second backpack full of supplies, but he had to kill someone to get it! Tears for regret and guilt fell down his cheeks. This was crazy! This whole event is crazy!!


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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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It is the ocean. That, is all Abel's brain kept telling him as a plethora of photo and video images of the great blue flooded his mind. No, it is not the ocean; he yet again countered his brain. The water that spread before him was too small for the ocean, the waves and gravely beach undoubtedly a man-made creation like everything else in the arena.

Still for a boy who almost never left the house and who had never once left the metropolis, the expanse of water and rhythmic waves, was to him the very picture of what a beach must be. Never in his life had he stood before so much open horizontal and vertical space. His sight line felt as if it stretched on forever. This picturesque scene was what first had greeted him when he took off the blindfold.
Abel found himself standing approximately three feet from the center of the dam in the heart of the arena. Small waves frothed in the sand, a fine mist spraying in the wind to tickle his flesh, a pale flesh, the kind that had never before tasted the kiss of such a blindingly strong light from the sky. Abel's hands were curled up to his chest, his fingers twitching involuntarily. The sight, sound, smell, feel, and even the taste of the air in his mouth had flung him into a sensory overload.
Abel had spent his life in the shadows, both metaphorically and figuratively. There were times he had gone months without leaving his room, a place where the only light was a cold glow from the technology he surrounded himself with. He had never liked bright lights. They painted the world into an entirely too sharp of a contrast, highlighting each little insignificant detail. In the dark, it was easier for him to dull off his vision and shut down his mind.

It's the ocean; his mind proclaimed again, parading out another useless, stored recollection in the back of his mind’ eye. No, no, no, he forced his head down, hiding his eyes behind the tendrils of his scraggly blond bangs. He needed to snap out of it. He needed to check his pack, survey his surroundings, and make a plan. He needed to do anything but stare at the ocean. Fuck, anything but stare at the-body-of-water that is most certainly not an ocean.
Even as he mentally raged, his head had once again tipped up to stare into the water, his irises mirroring the tumultuous blue of the waves.

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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Finally whoever was accompanying him to his fate took the blindfold off his blood-shot eyes. Aleksei had struggled to maintain the pace of the one that was dragging him along, a struggle that had only intensified when instead of walking on solid ground his feet started to create a wet sound of water splashing lightly. 

Aleksei noticed how humid it was starting to become,  and how he just seemed to walk into an area where air was heavy. He heard creaking sound and the non-stop chanting of insects and some birds.

Aleksei's fears were confirmed once his eyes were uncovered and he was surrounded by green. How pretty, and how dangerous.  The jungle,  what a great way to start.  But Aleksei did not feel fear, either he came out a winner and reestablished his family's pride or he died, ridding them from a heavy burden.

But enough about thinking and reminiscing,  the clock was running!  Aleksei figured that the jungle would not be a safe place to be at, it was hot and any water he were to consume would only cause him stomach pains and death, but it would be good to pick some medicinal plants,  though he'd need to double check them before using them. He might be weak, but he was not dumb. Even poisonous flora would be useful. Ducking down he ran his hands through the mud and dirtied his face and white hair. There were no predators but he figured that it would be okay to prevent.

Standing up he tried to retrace his steps in the mud, though the water had washed most of them away. He'd have to check the greener part of the mangroves and pick the plants along the way.

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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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He didn't know how long the eerily pervasive sloshing sound of his feet trudging through the water lasted. It felt like days but realistically it couldn't have gone on for more than a half a mile, though trapped in a cage with a thicket of spindly, interlocking branches acting as bars had a way of completely warping one's sense of both time and space.

By the time the water began to shallow out Zaire found himself drenched to the thighs, skin dewy with sweat and boots caked with at least an inch of mud. Wading through the thick water had drained most of his energy and he found his mouth dry and throat parched. He needed water soon, but there was no way it was safe to drink what was around him without boiling it first.

The air had become cooler and more forgiving the the more he'd walked, leading to the first and only relief the man sensed he would get in this Godforsaken place. He was still troubled by the fact that he didn't know where he was going, didn't know what was awaiting him, but the scenery around him was beginning to change. The trees were thinning out and the water level dropping rapidly, which made him think that he was almost out of the mangrove that had acted as both his physical and psychological prison.

And he was right.

Soon enough he neared the very edge of the treeline and found himself looking out at a surprising sight: water. It looked like some kind of... lake, maybe? It had to have been artificially created, as where the white sandbars surrounding it to three sides undoubtedly had been. So much open space...

But, the most important thing, was that it was water. Zaire's throat burned with the thirst baying to be quenched, but before he made a move his hazel eyes scoured the area around him for possible threats... and found one. Near the water's edge.

Immediately, Zaire dropped down into a crouch and, moving very slowly so as not to disturb the water around him, crept closer to the trunk of a nearby tree to conceal himself. It wasn't nearly large enough to act as effective cover, but he hoped the thick, dappled shadows being cast by the overhead canopy of branches would be disorienting enough to make his presence less obvious. From his perch, he watched the man he'd spied for any sign that he'd been sighted. The guy was blonde, not intimidating looking in the slightest, and immediately his gaze dropped to the belt around his hips. Green.

Sub. Psht, nevermind. This was going to be easy.
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Taka had to work faster, he needed to finish this deer, he cut off the usual parts of the body and took them over his shoulder, he hoped he wouldn't attract any predators from around, but in this vast open area, he will be hardly surprised by anything. He checked his bottle with water, he thought that this won't get him far, he needed more. He had to head towards the area in which he can find more water. Packing the last of his things he start walking through the desert, slowly heading towards the green area near by, he could use it as a good cover.

It didn't take him much for him to get into the forest, however as he proceed forward, he could tell that this area is more dangerous than the one in which he previously was. Only by looking at it, he could tell that probably there is hundreds of poisonous stuffs around. "Sh-Shit... did I had to end up exactly here... in the are in which I have the least knowledge." He mumbled to himself and he start slowly moving forward, he could feel how his feet get under mud, he couldn't say is there some snake hidden in the mud or not, because the mud literally was so thick and when you look at it, it looked all the same. Even so he continue moving, as the time pass he managed to get half of the way, he pant softly. "Just a little more..." He mumbled to himself drinking some of his water.

After several more hours he finally could see the end of this area. He sighed in relief, but then his eyes concentrate over the are around the lake, he couldn't say if there is still someone there or not. He made sure to scout the are for slightly more time, from more safer zone, he didn't want to go straight into an open area where he can get himself killed, travelings that much of a time, has certainly brought a lot of tiredness for him, and he will probably have to sleep in this area.
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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It took Raj a short while to calm down and continue moving. The five didn't last and it turned out he wasn't that far away from the water fall either. He would have filled up a second flask, but the man he killed must have dropped it into the water when he stabbed him. Not wanting to risk the same thing happening to him, Raj carried on until he reached larger caves.

When he had the time to sit down and search through the second backpack, Raj found a deep cave and took out the items. He had double ofeverything, besides a flask. The most useful being the flint and knife. The extra set of clothing could be used for bandages, the backpack as well. Carrying too much would slow him down so he placed the good items in his own pack and held the second pot in his hands. This was the heaviest object so he didn't want to take it. At least... not the whole thing. Picking up a nearby rock he held the pot tight and smacked the handle off. Each time he hit the hard metal it made him flinch. Hopefully no one would hear him.

The handle flew off and Raj sighed with relief. Taking the handle he started to hit it again until it molded into a sharp shape. For now it can act as a third knife. For later he can turn it into a spear. If he ever makes it to a jungle or forest.

Only if.

Putting it into his own bag Raj took out the knife which wasn't covered in blood and made strips into the extra clothes and backpack. He cut out the pockets and thought that later he could find a way to attach them to his belt. Two, easy to get into, pockets would be good for keeping small weapons in. They would be hidden from view so he had the advantage if he were to get disarmed and his enemy thought he was helpless. Raj didn't want to kill again, but in this game he was going to have to do or die.

Staying here was dangerous. Raj knew he had to make it to the Heart of the Arena in order to make it to the south. The longer he stayed put meant the more likely chance he will be killed. He was still in the north! Many others have probably made it here by now. All his sitting around made things difficult, so he started to walk. Jumping in and out of caves with high hopes no one would be hiding in them.

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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Abel had no idea how long he had stood staring out over the water like a frothing idiot before his senses slowly crept back to him. When they finally did, he was pleased to discover just how fortuitous of a location he had been dropped. Water was the most basic necessity when it came to survival, and he was standing before the equivalent of a liquid goldmine. What's more, open area surrounded it, making it impossible for someone to creep up unnoticed. The only dark area marring his vision was the heavy mangroves crowded around one side. Luckily, he was standing far enough away that even someone coming from there would be easily spotted before they could reach his current position. This soon in the game, with The only weapon he found wedged in the bottom of his pack to be a small hand knife, Abel reasoned it was unlikely anyone had a long distance weapon capable of sniping him either.

The manmade lake was sure to draw both humans and animals in alike. If he wanted to find a viable meat-shield, all he would have to do is wait for them to come spiraling in. Dominant, submissive, this early on it didn't matter to him. All he needed was either someone strong enough to protect him, or slow and stupid enough that he could leave them behind as fodder should he get in a tight spot.
The downside with his plan of course was he was just as easy to spot. Had he been a more physically fit individual his choice would have been clear. Stand firm, wait, and engage as necessary. Unfortunately, he hardly had the build or skill to win in a head on, brute force fight and while he would like to claim he could easily outrun any potential threat, he wasn't going to win any awards in that area either.

Abel turned slowly to survey the expanse of land around him for potential hiding spots. The mangroves although closest were certain to be a wet, uninviting place and the last thing he needed was for his boots to get soggy. In the opposite direction he could see the tree line of a forest however while he could set up on the outskirts to watch over the lake, it would also mean other people could easily sneak up on his backside through the trees. No, of all the locations the most inviting appeared to be some boulders off in the distance on yet another side of the lake. If he could get on top of one of them, not only would he be able to easily watch over the vacant shoreline surrounding the water, he could remain hidden.

He shifted his pack from one shoulder to the next, staring hard over the water at the rocks in the distance. The plan was solid, only his feet didn't seem to want to budge. Even this early in the game it was possible someone had already scoped out and secured the area. Plus, hiding wouldn't stop the fact he still needed to ultimately approach someone to team up. If he was going to have to take the risk of dealing with others, there was a part of him that strongly preferred forcing them to be the ones to approach. Standing before the water, Abel felt a strange sense of power over his claim.

Digging the souls of his boots into the gravel, he strengthened his stance, dropping his pack to the side. He would stay. It was a gamble, but this early on almost anything he did would be. For now, all he could do was keep a close eye on his surroundings.

As he kept watch, his eyes kept being drawn in on the mangroves. Out of all the open space, it was the only blight on his sight line. He glared at the trees, as if he could will away the annoyance with his mind alone. Although he hadn't spotted Zaire lurking in the shadows, the other might have felt he had been spotted with the way Abel kept staring down the mangroves.   
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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You are not a dog, Ray.

His mother's words echoed in his mind as he came to under a thick layer of undergrowth. Where was he? He remembered being called by the local soldiers, a struggle, and now he was here deep in an unbearably sweaty forest. Ray lifted his head slowly, groggily leaning over his legs as he sussed out where he had been. He remembered bits and pieces, like remembering a dream; his mother crying, a warm embrace, a rough tug from behind and a throbbing pain on the rear of his cranium. Something about this place was a clue...

Ah, yes. The game. I was chosen for the game.

He stood unsteadily, his eyes wavering back and forth, darting across the eerily quiet forest. The area was showered in glimmering golden shards drifting past the leaves that covered the sky, giving an almost majestic look to the lonely woods. A small spider crawling up his arm reached his shoulder before his hand swatted the pest into his black jacket, crushing it in his panic.

Damn government! Couldn't have had us kill each other indoors?

With a deep sigh of both frustration and resolve, he unleashed the pack he now realized he was carrying and stared inside: barely enough equipment to last a day. Removing the dagger and placing it under his red belt, he breathed in the humid air and thought a moment. His pack was about 13 kilos, and his maximum distance he could travel today was about seven miles over uneven terrain in about 4 hours, with two breaks...

Idiot. You're getting ahead of yourself. You have no water!

His mind faltered and he began again. Water... what could he do about that? He pressed his still weary mind and relaxed. A little thought was often a saviour. If he didn't find a source of water in two days, his last would probably be spent dying of thirst. Dying of hunger takes a lot longer, so water should be his first objective. He began walking at a leisurely pace about his general area, seeing enormous trees all around him of oak and spruce. The forest was thick and just getting out would take quite a while. Water... there were no streams nearby, no rivers, and the further he walked the less likely it seemed to be likely that he would find any. He was, it seemed, on his own.

His mother's voice still echoed in his head. 'You're not a dog, Ray. No matter what the soldiers tell you, you're just the sweet boy that saved me. You're a smart boy, and you can make it in there... but promise me you won't hurt anyone'.

Her tears still felt wet on his shirt. He remembered now the struggle that ensued when they refused to let him say goodbye. Ray has a score to settle with those officers, when he returns.

Orders are orders, Ray. I'm sorry.

Even his best friend hadn't let him stay a moment longer. This thought only reinforced Ray's misanthropy. With a final sigh, he came back to the matters of the wild.

Stepping close to a pine tree he felt the hard dry bark beneath his hand, its husky texture scratching at him. He had read about tapping trees for water, once. It was supposedly a vitamin rich water that was good for about a day. At least, that was the concept; Ray never had an interest in testing it before, but with his limited options, he had to try. Removing his knife and lifting a heavy nearby branch, he lifted the blade to the bark and hammered his knife into the tree hard. His first cut was a single line directly into the trunk, and the second connected with it to create a V notch through the bark. He dug the bark and tissues out and waited.

Nothing. Not a drip. He dug deeper into the bark, spearing his knife in and digging a larger hole, widening the entrance. After about ten minutes of stabbing, scraping and tearing, finally drips of water ran down the surface of the tree base. This was no good; he couldn't just lick it up. Searching the forest floor, he took a small, hard twig about three inches long, sharpened the tips, and jammed it into the soft fibres of the hole. After a few more moments, small drips of water began to appear, dribbling onto the stick and down to the other end, dropping to the dirt. With utter satisfaction, he removed his flask and readied it at the drip-stick.

Mission accomplished. One problem down, seventy more to solve.
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Spoiler for Hidden:

~ Makoto Nagasaki ~

So once more the time had come, when a group of Submissives were dropped off to be claimed by Dominants, in order to cut down on the population size. He had finally been chosen for this round and a smirk came to his lips. Unlike most people involved in the Claiming, Makoto didn't mind being a part of it and thought it would be rather fun to move around and hunt other humans. There were no consequences too. He didn't remember anything about his past anyway, so had nothing to lose in this game and everything to gain from participating in the challenge. When the blindfold was removed, Makoto let his eyes adjust to the light and then glanced around the area.

To take in his surroundings.

There was no sun up in the sky and yet there was light, which was rather strange but perhaps that was part of this challenge. To navigate without any way of knowing where to go. He looked down at his feet where a rucksack rested and crouched down to examine the contents. Makoto grinned when he saw the pocket knife and gave it a little flip in his hand before he pocketed it a second later, making sure it was easily accessible should he need it soon. Hm, a heavily padded weatherproof jacket, a lighter black hoodie and a light cotton blanket - the choice of clothing here implied something - that he would eventually come across different weather temperatures during his stay here.

He noticed the dried food, bandages, cream, flints, small metal pot and the empty water flask. So he was expected to find his own water and food. That worked for him, he'd always been able to scavenge some sort of nutrients up until now. Be it from dumpsters, robbing stores or other people or doing whatever it took to feed himself. Being out in the wilderness like this wasn't any different, he could survive this, perhaps even take out a few people in the process. But one thing was for sure, he wanted another pocket knife and the only way to get something like that was to find someone else and steal their rucksack. Makoto frowned as he heard a noise in the distance nearby.

It sounded like running water and he glanced down at his rucksack. Well, he did to fill up his water flask, so why not start there? He tied up the rucksack and slung it over his shoulder as he headed down the path towards the sound of the water. Most of the participants in the Claiming seemed to want to get to the Heart of the Arena but Makoto didn't care about getting there anytime soon. He wanted to mess around with the others, torment them and see them writhe in pain under his hands. Violence was something he was good at and had always liked to inflict pain on other people. So for now, he was content to merely wander around in search of his potential victims here.

Or rather playmates. Makoto found his way to the rock pool fifteen minutes later and let his eyes flicker over the area for a few seconds. He saw a figure crouching down by the river bank, most likely drinking some of the cold and fresh water there.

A smirk came to his lips and he stealthily moved towards the other male, whose back was facing him at the moment.

The man - Kyle - sensed a presence behind him and whirled around to confront no one. Perhaps he had imagined there had been someone there? Kyle frowned as he let his eyes flicker over the area and then turned around to crouch down by the river's bank once more. He was in the midst of taking out his water flask to fill it with water when something struck the back of his head. No, that wasn't right, he wasn't passing out nor did he feel as if his life was at risk. "!!" But something was wrong, really wrong, he couldn't move a muscle! The flask fell between his fingers and hit the ground as Kyle tried to move but utterly failed to do so. Makoto grinned as he looked down at the other.

"One of your 108 nerve points is now paralyzed. Whether it remains temporary or is permanent is entirely up to me." He said in a casual manner, as if he was talking about the weather. The dark haired player leaned down to pick up the man's rucksack and tossed it over into the brush where he had hidden his own pack earlier. "But being out here is too dangerous, so let's go back a little." Makoto said as he curled his fingers around the top of Kyle's shirt and dragged him back into the brush by his shirt collar. "Now that we have a some time together, why don't we get to know eachother a little better?" He suggested and an evil glint came into his eyes. This would be fun.

Over the next hour, the peace of the wilderness was broken by a various number of screams, all of which had come from one man. Some of the screams even reached the caves in the rock faces. Makoto emerged an hour later, his hands bloody and a look of satisfaction on his face. He dumped the contents of Kyle's pack - with the exception of the pocket knife - into his own and stashed the empty pack into his own pack, which he then slung over his shoulder. Then, after scrutinizing the area around the rock pool, he made his way to the river's bank and quickly filled both flasks with water as he washed his hands clean of the blood. Makoto made his way towards the rock faces.

This was where the caves were located and he looked up at the cliff face. Yes, gaining a high point was of utmost importance. If he could find out what the landscape was like in any way, he could come up with a better idea as to where he should go to find others. He climbed up the rock face carefully, taking his time and finally was able to pull himself up into the first cave he found. Unfortunately, it seemed to have already been occupied by someone and Makoto crouched into a fighting stance. But he made no move towards the other male. He didn't know if the stranger had any weapons and this encounter was different from before. Makoto was facing his target this time around.

He didn't have the element of surprise this time. Makoto had also already quenched his thirst for violence for now, so wasn't inclined to do so again so soon. Of course, an hour from now his battle lust would rise once more but if possible he wanted to simply rest a little.

The only question was would Raj let him do so?
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Screaming was faintly heard from where Raj was hiding out. Fear made him feel sick to his stomach as the cries continued. Was the man  being tortured?! Thats horrible! By who or what Raj hoped he will never know. He knew it wasn't safe to stay here and yet even when the screams finally died away he was frozen in place. What will happen to him when he dies?

Shaking his head Raj stood up and got all this things ready to leave. He couldn't think like that, he will make it through this game! He had to... he didn't want to die. No one did. Raj placed the backpack on and held his dirty knife in his right hand. If anyone attacks him then he will be ready for it. Raj didn't think of himself as a killer, but in here he had no other choice. He was afraid, shaking even, as he starts to head out of the cave.

That was when a newcomer came inside. Alarmed by this Raj blanked out and his body moved on it's own. Before he knew it the dirty blond found himself pinning the dark haired male against the cave walls and holding the knife up to the other's throat. He wanted to stop, wanted to say he wasn't going to hurt the other man, however he couldn't promise that. This game has created a new side to Raj. One that will come out and fight without needing to think. After a bad deed was done Raj was aloud to panic, only after the other person was dead or noted as someone he can trust for the time being.

"Wh-wh-who..." He stuttered. Unfortunately this new side of him still didn't know how to talk to others properly. "A-ar... are... y-ou..." he finally got out. His eyes were narrowed, but anyone could tell that he was scared. Looking down he noticed this man was a Submissive. Green belt. Raj wasn't sure how to proceed. This man could join him with a Claim or kill him. The question was, was this Submissive a threat to him? How could he tell if he couldn't ask questions?

Maybe he didn't have to ask. Holding the stranger firmly to the wall with one arm he dropped his knife and took off one strap of his pack. If he needed to kill the man he always had his other knife in his pocket. Reaching into his bag he pulls out his branding iron and presented it to the Submissive. He didn't speak, he only waited for a reply. The silent question should be simple enough to answer. Branding a Submissive this early in the game would be a great help to him. Perhaps this man could talk for him. First things first, this man needed to agree with a Claiming.

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Leaves and twigs crunched under his every step as a man, no taller than five foot ten, looked about with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He had stopped for a moment to see if there was anything – alive or inanimate – that he had to watch out for. After all, he wasn’t stupid not to know that the place – that this forest – was teeming with life. On another note, this place was rather refreshing. Who’d have thought that the Government gave such a place time to be constructed in this day and age? The Metropolis was lacking in this, and it certainly was a very rare sight to see, feel, touch and smell for one who’d grown up without it.

Alann reached down to grab a hold of his shirt for the umpteenth time. He used his shirt to wipe the lower part of his face. Once he was done, he let go as he made a face and parted his lips to sigh. This was seriously fracked up. They were certainly going to get wet. They were going to sweat. So, why couldn’t the Government officials have, at least, complied and agreed into giving them a face towel if not a towel? It was getting a little distracting how his body heat was rising, and how his glands were starting to produce a little more sweat as he took more steps to a walk he rarely ever has done in a day. Hell, even his pants were starting to get uncomfortable in this humid temperature.

“Couldn’t they have chosen a better color, too, instead of black?”

This young entrepreneur had woken up not so long ago on his knees. How he had gotten into such a promising – though sarcastically said – position, he wasn’t sure; but, he sure as hell hated it. He hated it, too, how they seemed to be playing with him when he’d found his backpack hidden behind a rather large oak tree. Honestly, if they had wanted him to play hide-and-seek, they should have just said so.

Alann had long tucked his sweater and his belt into his bag, which now left him blank and bare. He didn’t remember any rules about ridding themselves of their clothes, and neither had he remembered any rules that they couldn’t keep things hidden in their bags. Even the damn belt’s eye catching when paired with black clothes. Bastards… got no sense of taste in clothes, was all he could think of as he continued on his way, venturing deeper into the forest.

He didn’t take any turns, no. He may not be good with directions and may not be good with reading a map, but common sense and logic pretty much told him that going straight was the way to go. The only problem was, he, like everyone else on this compound, needed water. Alann had decided not to think about that matter for now. Since it was still the first day, he knew that everyone was going to go for that and it was going to be bad if he, too, went along with it.

To expose himself to other dominants was not an option for him. He’d only started; he couldn’t die yet.

And, there was the other thing about his cushioned bullet vest. It significantly disturbed him that he didn’t have it donned when he was welcomed into the Claiming, because then, this ticking time bomb within him was going to be of a great advantage when the time comes. A single, strong impact can cause him his life. Unconsciously, Alann Bolst reached up to stroke his chest down to his stomach, only to grit his teeth behind closed lips. He couldn’t give the Government a single clue to his weakness, and he couldn’t bring defamation to his family. He came here, after all, on his own will to bring future stakeholders that will continue to give his project the money it needed to run with up until this artificial ‘clean air’ were to become a hit.

Alann dropped his hand to his side. He was just about to continue on further when he’d stopped the moment his ears picked up a sound. It was the sound of someone seemingly digging a knife into something hard and he turned to look at the tree bark he was currently standing under. Somehow, he couldn’t understand. What would one benefit by cutting up a hole in a tree?

Slowly pulling his knife that he’d tucked into his pants (yes, with the cold blade touching his ass), he slid his bag down by the said tree and quietly made his way towards the source of his curiosity. As he got closer, he could faintly pick up the sound of water dripping into an enclosed item. Was that the flask they were given? His parched throat suddenly made itself known to him as he gathered what saliva his mouth could produce and swallowed. Tightly. Alann pressed himself against the tree bark. He was well aware that he was only a couple of steps away from this said stranger, but, he didn’t have much time to think about that. His eyes immediately saw the flask’s mouth open out for the stick. Water was dribbling from the tree and down the stick, dripping into the water holder..

Alann’s eyes widened in both wonder and amazement when he saw what was bestowed unto him. It was his ignorance that made him forget that he was watching at another dominant. This was water from a tree bark. He tore his gaze from the said flask to look back at the tree he was currently pressed against. How was he able to do that? Were trees really able to produce water? With his free hand, he touched the rough edges of the bark with the tips of his fingers.

Now, he wanted to try out the process himself. But how could he when he didn’t know how?

Yet again, he turned to look back at the man. He, like him, was wearing the same black clothes and the same black boots. It was only this time that he’s realized he was another dominant like him. The male pursed his lips. This’d have been a lot easier if the other was a submissive. Alann exhaled quietly and pushed himself off the tree. He’d also let go of the knife’s handle that he was holding. The male stepped out from his hiding place and lifted both his hands in a silent sign that he wasn’t here to attack.

“I apologize,” he started, the words rolling out his lips in a smooth tone. It was obvious from the way he was speaking that he was no normal person, that he was certainly part of a higher society. “But I just really had to ask. How did you do that?”

Even his curious question told a lot. That he was from a place without greeneries.

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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Tension was beginning to knot his shoulders, spasms were cramping his thighs from the uncomfortable, deathly-still crouch he'd been holding for quite some time now. Trudging through the mire had hit him hard; the strength had slowly been bleeding out of his legs and Zaire was sure that if it wasn't for the endurance he'd slowly built up over the years during his career as a long-distance runner, the heat would have already taken an even heavier toll. He needed water and then he needed to find some form of shelter where he could rest and get his bearings. Food was another pressing matter considering the physical exertion would drain what little energy he managed to conserve quickly, but that seemed like rather a more complicated issue than the water was. Zaire was no hunter; he might be able to forage for some edible vegetation if he stumbled across an area that offered him the opportunity, but he also needed meat.

Then again, this entire situation was intended to put strain not only on the body, but the mind as well. In truth, all who participated in the Claiming were 'claimed'; by a type of ruthless madness brought upon them by the constant pressure of fearing for one's life. By a desperation that drove men to do very inhumane things to sate the hunger in their bellies.

What a great way to spend a year (or less) of your life.

The more pressing matter, however, still remained the submissive blonde male who as of yet hadn't moved from the edge of the water. Despite the fact that Zaire wasn't intimidated by the weak looking male in any way, he was wary of the fact that there might be others, droves who - like him - were making their way toward the water source. Maybe the blonde had already forged alliances with others who were much more dangerous than himself. What disturbed him even more was that - despite the fact that the blonde had made no move - the man seemed to be watching him.

This was the fear that played on Zaire's mind; but time passed and still no one came. Eventually, the strain of his position - both physical and psychological - wore the man down and prompted him to rise before he slipped his lean frame out from the meagre concealment offered by the mangrove trees. His heart pounded as he slowly approached the edge of the water, though that intimidating aura that the man had always exuded remained completely intact, expressed through his deceptively fluid and self-assured movements. His expression showed no sign of any emotion, but his senses remained prickled and highly sensitive to even the barest hint of movement.

Keeping his hazel eyes trained on the stranger in a wary way, he finally slipped his backpack off of his shoulder when he was in plain sight and went about removing his flask and dipping it into the murky water. Shit. It looked like this was going to have to be boiled first before anyone was drinking it.

Watching the liquid funnel into the metal container, he finally said in a tone just loud enough to be heard by the other man, "You're going to get yourself killed if you stay out here in the open like this."
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Re: The Claiming (Open)
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Ray held his satisfaction when he heard soft crunching a fair distance away. His head tilted up to listen closely. The sound was soft, but audible, as a creature came closer toward him. It couldn't be a wolf, or any four-legged creature. The steps were consistent with a bipedal animal, too light to be a bear. The crunching was obvious and frequent so the perpetrator was not a hunter, nor someone accustomed to this environment.

He held still. The sounds were slowing in pace, so his stalker was obviously aware of his presence. If he moved now he would only provoke a rush and probably be killed in the process. Better to keep still like he heard nothing, size up his target, and prepare a surprise attack if he is violent. With a small angling of his flask he searched for a reflection and there, behind a large oak he saw his black-clad phantom.

No belt; the fact he took it off means there is a high likelihood that he is a Dominant. It also indicated forward thinking and intelligence. Ray kept his on to lure enemies closer for situations like this. If no people approached him then he could never make an alliance, which would increase his chances of death. As the belt is small, it can easily be hidden under the jacket when hunting, so removing it only serves to implicate you as a Dominant. How ironic; the fact he hid his belt tells more than if he were wearing it. It was a clever tactic for the unperceptive, but fooling Ray was tougher than that.

The young man hid back behind the tree. As far as Ray could see, there were two possible outcomes. In one hand he could be hostile and biding his time for a kill, and in the other he could be an intelligent man seeking a partner. Either way, letting his guard down was a tactical disadvantage. In this game, his opponent must make the first move.

After an attempt at a hushed sigh, he came out from behind the tree with his hand relaxing behind his back. He had let go of a hidden dagger and was starting toward Ray, peacefully.

Good. Negotiation is the stepping stone to survival. Now to judge how much of a partner you might be...

“I apologize”, the man said, an air of superiority hanging thick under the words. Definitely from the upper-echelon of society. His light breathing signaled that he had not traveled far, and his heavy sweat was indicative of being accustomed to air-conditioning.

“But I just really had to ask. How did you do that?” He continued.

With a private smile Ray took a swig of water casually and spoke without turning to see the newcomer.

"The roots."

Assuming confusion, Ray turned to see the man. He stared gently at him and supplied explanation. "Stepping on the roots makes your steps softer and you're less likely to break twigs. It's a dangerous thing to be sneaking around without a partner, but I commend you on your efforts." Ray had to make it clear that he was not a simpleton, and make sure this new face would be of value to him. Of course, an extra set of eyes and a ready dagger-hand were often valuable, but only when assurances could be made that it would not end up in one's own back.

Ray looked closely at the youth. He needed to make an impression that he could be valuable. He tossed the flask to the man. "Take a drink. And if you don't mind, remove the knife from your belt and put it on the ground." he said to him, releasing his own knife and placing it gently on the ground between them in example.

I have set the stage. Let's see if he can play.
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