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He looks like he’s been bitch slapped.

Alann found himself raising his eyebrows in obvious surprise at the blatancy of those words. He didn’t hear anything from the voice behind them, and neither did he think the stranger meant anything by saying that. In fact, it almost sounded like all he wanted was to amuse himself – maybe including him. Not that he wasn’t saying what he was saying wasn’t true. It did look like Ray’s been bitch slapped. Bitch slapped by a lover? His sides of his own lips twitched upwards but for a moment, before he’d focused back on the situation at hand.

That was true. Ray, without any sort of defenses out cold like this, was useless to him. And, although he had intended to use him as the game progressed, this man, apparently, wasn’t new to the act of manipulation. This only furthered Alann’s suspicion that Ray was going to be a problem to him later on and that he was much more experienced in the field he’d only started with once he stepped into the business industry. When the other pointed out that his weight was going to be a burden to him, Alann could only find himself smiling – mostly in amusement. In fact, he didn’t seem the least bit affected by the Submissive’s next words.

“Quite smart you are,” he started, “For a submissive.” Grabbing Ray’s shirt and lifting him enough for him to pull his knee out from under him, he dropped him back to the ground and slowly got up to his feet. He dusted himself, fixed his glasses, and let the smile he had on drop to a firm, straight line. “Perhaps, you’d like to help me then to pack enough food for us to last.” Alann motioned to the banana tree just a couple of steps from where they were. The slope may slow them down should they encounter any predators, but they had the corpse and the boar to gather their enemy’s attention to it. “This may be a waste of time and energy but you wouldn’t have come and joined us if not for the possibility of getting food from the man we just killed.”

Tugging his shirt down and fixing his belt, Alann smiled politely again at the stranger. “Ah, by the way, if you have any smarter ideas, I’m open to listen to them.”

He reached behind him to take out his dagger, and he raised his hand a bit to ease the other should he think that he was going to attack. The male stepped back, turned around, and headed towards the boar. He was hungry, and right now, what looked more appealing to him was the food.

While there were no predators and no other players around, he made sure to keep his eye on this stranger. After all, if he made even the slightest of a mistake, he could die early on in the game. That was not his goal for this game, and he still had a lot more to show to his future stakeholders. Cutting through the other leg of the boar, Alann brought this up to cut a bit of the meat with his knife. “So, would you prefer joining me to eat or stand there and wait for the predators to smell these?”