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October 17, 2014, 08:30:58 am
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Ah, looks like I missed the boat on that one as well, then. So I'll just say thank you for your consideration and shall  offer myself up for more intelligible discourse later once I've had mah caffeine! (:
This one time I thought I saw a ghost, but then I didn't -- Gaslight

October 17, 2014, 16:10:21 pm
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Quick question: Is there a reply order or are we replying according to whoever has mentioned our character?
October 17, 2014, 16:29:31 pm
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Nah, we're not following a strict reply order, we're basically following the loose rule of allowing two other people to post before you post again.

So, for example:

Gaslight posts
Fangirlnation posts
Kazuo posts
Gaslight can post again

But you don't have to post after two other people have posted. You can post after five or ten or seven or whatever.
October 18, 2014, 03:21:56 am
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'Kay guys, since we've been at it for a while I'm going to open up the option for people to have multiple characters now. I won't be accepting any Subs at the moment since we've just gotten a whole new batch of them, but we have space for a few Doms if anyone is interested.

Reminder of the procedural stuffs (ignore if you don't need reminding):

1. All characters need to be approved and placed before they can come into play (mostly to allow me to keep track of the Dom/Sub ratio)

2. All characters created must remain fairly active, dependent on circumstances (obviously if a character is unconscious or recovering from a severe injury etc. then he won't be expected to be active)

3. There is no limit on how many characters any one member can create, providing that not ALL the characters are Doms or Subs. However, if we currently have an imbalance (too many Subs/Doms) then you will be allowed to play solely Doms/Subs so long as there is an imbalance.

4. You can put any character you currently have on hiatus if you want to so long as you alert the group that that character will be unavailable. You can also downgrade a main character to a side character or kill him off if you get bored of playing him. Side characters do not need to be approved, but if you decide you want to promote a side character to a main character you'll only be allowed to do so as long as we don't have too many of his kind already (e.g. wanting to promote a Dom side character while we have too many Doms). If you want to promote a side character but can't because of an imbalance, let me know and I'll give him a position the moment one frees up.

5. If the character you are playing is killed, you can choose to create another one and keep playing. Since you'll be replacing a character, you'll be allowed to create a character of the same type even if we have an imbalance (so if we have too many Subs and the character that died was a Sub, then your new character can still be a Sub). Or you can choose to make him a character of the opposite type instead, as long as we're not suffering an imbalance (so if we have too many Subs and the character that died was a Dom, your new character won't be accepted if he's a Sub until space for Subs opens up).

Post any profiles you want approved to the discussion thread.

I'll be creating a new area in the Updates section that will keep track of the Dom/Sub ratio and let you know which characters are being accepted at the moment/which characters are active and which are on hiatus and stuff like that.

N.B.: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. IT'S COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. I know that I don't really want another character right now, but the option is there for anyone who wants it.
October 18, 2014, 04:52:48 am
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Quick question again! Sorry for so many. Should I wait for @Gaslight, @Kazuo, and @Blackchain to get through their reply thread first or can I carry on with @Rikku? I know earlier you said a 2-post rule but I wasn't sure if that was just within the section or otherwise.

Also, should we propose a meet-up between the two sub and dom groups for now? Unless everyone currently already has a direction they're going in.
October 18, 2014, 05:08:45 am
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Nah. As long two different people posts after you, you can go on.
FangirlNation's post
Rikku's post
Another-Name's post

October 18, 2014, 05:56:14 am
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@Gaslight Nah, not to worry. I know how you feel. Take your time and don't sweat it - we're all here to have fun after all o:

@Kazuo Would you believe it if I said we're all waiting for you? (:< Muwahaha, feel the guilt! (I'm 200% teasing, lol take as much time as you need, dear)

(: ,
October 18, 2014, 14:51:54 pm
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@Rikku No, not really. Haha. But, thank you for making me feel special. : ))))

This is cool! We're growing in numbers. ;D
Awesome, @Gaslight!
October 18, 2014, 14:54:44 pm
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Yes, I am a master at organisation and self-promotion. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Oh, and I meant to answer this as well:
Also, should we propose a meet-up between the two sub and dom groups for now? Unless everyone currently already has a direction they're going in.

As a general rule, we're not organising anything as a group. It's every man for themselves. If you'd like to interact with a certain character then it's up to you to orchestrate it by going to find him (all the characters' positions are noted down and you should know where everyone is from reading the RP anyway). But you're perfectly welcome to try and work things out with individual members, if you'd so like.

For my group in particular - which is the problem group considering it's where almost all the doms are - I can't see us moving far anytime soon considering one of the number is unconscious. But maybe they will, all depends on Kaz's reply to see what Alann wants to do about the situation. You'd need to speak to Kitten and Kira about where their characters are at. But your own characters can always venture to the western forest or the north where the other groups are if you want to find more people (just make sure you don't do any weird timeskips that would interrupt what other players are doing).

This is mostly because the main point of the RP isn't to hook up, it's... well, to survive. I think it would definitely be interesting to get some fights between characters going down soon though.
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October 18, 2014, 18:15:31 pm
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Okay, that sounds good and answers all the questions I had! Oh, and I'd like to put Hanel up for immortality through the RP. I mean I could definitely discuss his death or maiming with someone if they had a good idea, but like no surprise death please.
October 18, 2014, 18:30:59 pm
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So kind of like a qualified immortality then? XD The death can definitely be done, the maiming I'm not so sure. I'm sure people will respect the fact that you don't want Hanel's arm or leg to be hacked off, but he can't be invulnerable from all kinds of grave injury (even if it's by surprise) otherwise it's pretty pointless having him in a survival RP. I think what we agreed on at the beginning of the RP was that if an 'immortalised' character ends up losing a fight with/being ambushed by another character, he'll be gravely wounded and won't be playable for a certain of period of time (I forget how long it was. I'll look it up for you since I can't remember if it's in the rules or floating somewhere in the early annals of the discussion thread). Just to make things fair: those of us who are fine with character death will literally lose a character we've spent potentially months developing, so it wouldn't be fair if an 'immortalised' character could escape completely without any consequences.

Thank you for bringing it up though, it's reminded me to find out where the new players stand on character death. I'll add another section to the Updates thread to list which characters are immortalised and which aren't. So a shout out to everyone (old and new):

October 18, 2014, 18:50:43 pm
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Yeah I can go with that. I understand it's not cool for Hanel to get out of every confrontation scott-free, I just want to ensure I'm not going to lose him on a whim (I'm sure no one would do that, but I've had it happen in RPs before and it's very frustrating).

If it's a surprise he can be mortally wounded and if I can't find a solution he's gone. If they've approached me beforehand we can set up the death scene so I'm prepared, and can have another character waiting in the wings. Is that fair?
October 18, 2014, 19:07:05 pm
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Actually, the whole point of this RP is that you could potentially lose characters on a whim XD This is an area that's underdeveloped since we never reached a consensus on it, but the point was that - as long as it's not unreasonable - a character could die at the drop of the hat. I'll lay out some examples for the benefit of the new folk:

Examples of something feasible:

Zaire walks out of the forest and across the open southern plains. Raj was hiding in the trees at the edge of the forest and has a bow. Raj shoots Zaire in the chest from a distance and Zaire dies.


Zaire decides that he wants to kill Gabby. He's got Gabby pinned down and is choking him to death. Gabby's not realistically able to fight Zaire off, so he would die. Or Gabby manages to get a hold of a rock if one is nearby and smacks Zaire in the side of the head, potentially knocking Zaire off of him and surviving (for now).

Examples of something not feasible:

Zaire walks out of the forest and across the open southern plains. Raj is in the heart of the arena with a bow, and in the space of a single post makes it to the edge of the forest and shoots Zaire in the chest. Like... yeah, that's not going to happen. These characters don't have superhuman speed.


Zaire decides that he wants to kill Gabby. He's got Gabby pinned down and is choking him to death. Gabby flings Zaire off of him and then stabs him with a knife in the chest. Ummm... Gabby is significantly smaller and weaker than Zaire, so how would he be able to simply throw Zaire off of him?

This RP is a lot about strategy as well (probably more about strategy than mansex) so the rules were made as they were to encourage people to think tactically about what they were doing, because if you don't then the consequences could be dire.

But your proposal seems fair to me. If someone approaches you with an idea for a death scene and you're willing to let Hanel die, then I'll leave it up to your discretion as to whether or not you want to go for it.
October 18, 2014, 19:15:45 pm
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Ah no, I definitely understand it a bit more now. I remember reading the immortality section and being a bit unclear, but that makes sense. If it comes to a point where there's an opening for Hanel to get killed (so long as, as you said, it was definitely something where the situation lined up) I'm fine with it. I was thinking more of the second situation, which you see a lot more often in other RPs. So, I'm totally okay with death! Though it would be nice to set things up ahead of time if wanted.
October 18, 2014, 19:30:21 pm
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Oh, I agree. There's nothing more irritating than a character who suddenly turns into a The Incredible Hulk just to prevent himself from losing a fight. It does happen a lot though, unfortunately, but after a lot of discussion I was persuaded to give people a chance to handle fight scenes themselves.

I have a randomised system that I will impose to determine who wins and who loses fights if it appears that people are abusing the discretion and god-modding/making their characters invincible, but I hope to avoid doing this since I think we're all mature enough to not do it to each other.

But I agree, it's a very good idea to talk to a person if your characters are about to throw down. Some people might enjoy the uncertainty and won't want to, but if you'd like to discuss a fight scene that could potentially end in death (remember, not all fight scenes need to end in death. It's possible that another character could intervene if they're nearby or a predator could interrupt or they could both just call it a draw) then by all means go for it. I'm sure no one else would mind entertaining your ideas.


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