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June 15, 2014, 00:01:59 am


Discussion Thread

Alright then folks, welcome to the discussion thread for 'The Claiming', where we can plan out and nurture our impending, awesome group RP! I'd recommend checking this thread frequently for any developments or issues being discussed that might affect your character(s), though I will also try to concisely list all decisions reached elsewhere. To start us off:

What this thread shall be used for:

- Plotting
- Questions and suggestions
- Discussions on the setting and background
- Discussions about characters
- Any issues/problems arising during the course of the RP
- A noticeboard to let others know when we'll be unable to reply and announce our joyous returns
- Getting to know one another so we all feel comfortable!

What this thread shall not be used for:

- Flaming
- Disputes and arguments (if things get heated, take it to PMs but please do let me know if you're having trouble with a fellow groupmate)
- Things too far OOC, like how many eggs you can fit in your mouth (unless you feel that this information is necessary for us to appreciate you as an individual. I personally can fit two.)
- An online dating service XD I dunno, I've heard it happens.

Let's all be friends and have fun, ne? I've added a poll to find out what people would prefer in terms of how to work the posting schedule, so please vote on that otherwise I'll just make it up on the fly. Also I feel like I suck at explaining stuff so please feel free to bombard me with all your questions... now!
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June 15, 2014, 00:25:51 am
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Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to rping with you all.

As far as the poll, I went with a mixture of the 2nd and 3rd options when it comes to posting order. I like keeping posting on the looser side where you only need to wait for 2-3 replies. I'm fine with everything being in one thread, when possible, but sometimes that can start to get jumbled and then adding separate threads for different areas has its merits.
June 15, 2014, 00:39:25 am
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Hi thereee <3

I've also voted for options 2 and 3, because the group rps I've been with had rigid posting habits and ended up being abandoned. Though I'm not really too sure about the many threads so I'm excited to see how it goes <3

I hope we all have fun together <3 <3
June 15, 2014, 01:20:09 am
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Hey everyone! I can't wait to have a chance to RP and get to know all of you. ^^

And once we get further into the RP and we're allowed to make more characters, it'd certainly be interesting to have a character that seems dominant but on the inside he's really an indecisive and insecure person who's also a total softie. Haha.

As for the poll, I agree with Hex and Candy (mind if I call you that?). I feel like one thread for this kind of RP (a RP without a strict, laid-out plot) would turn out a little chaotic, so the ability to create side-threads would be nice. And no one likes the anticipation of waiting while on a posting order (also causes people to abandon or forget about the RP). So a combination of options 2 and 3 should be pretty good.
June 15, 2014, 03:54:49 am
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Hello, mew mew~

Funny, I like the idea of 2 and 3 as well. We all think alike!

Can't wait to start~ ^_^
June 15, 2014, 04:58:09 am
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I will go with the flow, and agree with everyone else, even thought I voted for option 2
June 15, 2014, 07:11:41 am
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One of us, one of us, hive mind time.

Lol, I initially debated between going with option 2 or the 2 and 3 mix. There is a part of me that really loves having everything in one thread since I am nosy and like to keep up with everyone in the rp, but sometimes it can get messy depending on how many people there are and side characters/sub plots.
June 15, 2014, 09:14:02 am
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Okay then, there's a majority preference for option 4, so we'll go with a flexible posting order - maybe posting after two other people? - and leave the option open for additional threads to be arise as the need does!

I've requested a child board for the operation and once it's up I'll write a few more info posts about background and context and, most importantly, the layout of the arena and rules of The Claiming so that you guys have easy access to what I've got in my head and know what you're working with. I love suggestions, however, so if anyone has ideas they think could be fun then bring them up and we'll spitball.
June 15, 2014, 19:00:26 pm
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Sounds awesome~

I do have a suggestion for ya, so the dominant males know which submissive are taken, the submissives wearing collars and if they have a tag with the dominant's name attached to it means they are taken?
June 15, 2014, 19:05:34 pm
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Why yes ma'am. I'm currently writing up the posts that describe what the Claiming actually is and how it's done, all the information about the claiming will be included there, but I'm up for considering different suggestions if people like the idea of Submissives being collared instead (or anything else along those lines).
June 15, 2014, 19:16:43 pm
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Why yes ma'am. I'm currently writing up the posts that describe what the Claiming actually is and how it's done, all the information about the claiming will be included there, but I'm up for considering different suggestions if people like the idea of Submissives being collared instead (or anything else along those lines).

My guy is too proud, he would dislike to be collared, so I would suggest this to be optional... so others which like that to use them... but not me or my character.
June 15, 2014, 19:36:06 pm
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Hmmm what about as an alternative... if a submissive refuses the collar they accept something of the dominant's possession? I love tossing ideas out xD
June 15, 2014, 19:40:04 pm
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Basically, the way things are looking at the moment is that Dominants and Submissives will physically brand each other with their initials as a sign that they've been claimed (and it'll be there forever). This is the 'official' claiming, but I can see it happening that Dominants may want to have a more intimate form of claiming and as such they can choose to give their Submissives something (a collar or a personal item or whatever you want).
June 15, 2014, 20:54:17 pm
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Alright guys, I've posted a topic full of background info on the setting, please all read it as it is important (in your own time, I'm not in a particular rush). Once everyone is done I'll be requesting more in depth character profiles now that I've hopefully explained the sort of society they've come from and the the type of people they're likely to be. Your character can come from any walk of life you'd like, but there are advantages and disadvantages to all.

For example:

- someone from a village is likely to be tough and have good physical endurance and might be skilled at fishing or have good knowledge of plants, but they're unlikely to be good strategists due to never having had the leisure time to develop this skill

- someone from the Metropolis is more likely to be a good strategist due to education and being involved in the runnings of a business, but is less likely to have much stamina

This is not set in stone, obviously. Someone from a village could still be a good strategist if he, for example, likes hunting and someone from the Metropolis could still have good stamina if he's a gym bunny, but the point is that the info gives you a better feel for what characters who grew up in certain environments will have predispositions for. We don't want no Gary Stus who are mysteriously good at absolutely everything.

Also, it's useful to understand the political upheaval just in case the characters decide to fuck the Claiming and rebel against the system instead.

It's particularly important in order to understand what kinds of attitudes the characters are likely to have toward people from different backgrounds, which will be important when it comes to creating alliances with other characters and alerting you to what natural rivalries exist.

Tomorrow I shall finish of my posts about the Claiming, describing the rules and the layout of the arena, what challenges they're likely to face courtesy of Government interference and such and start a character index and then... yep. We'll be ready to start. >.< I suck at being organised, sorry.
June 15, 2014, 21:13:52 pm
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I have question about the RP, if the submissive is loyal to his dominant, but he is raped by another one, without being able to protect himself, what happens then?


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