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June 15, 2014, 23:41:03 pm
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That sounds like it could work. They'd both be marked though, since that Sub needs to let all the others known that the man is his XD Maybe they experience pain when their partners is wounded and such and, like you say, the mark disappears if the partner dies.

That sounds great actually.
June 15, 2014, 23:43:40 pm
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That sounds good
June 15, 2014, 23:48:15 pm
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I also like that idea. =3
June 16, 2014, 01:01:17 am
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Here is more info on my character

Spoiler for Hidden:

Name : Raj Slaght

Age : 21

Category : Dominate Male

Sexuality / Position : Gay / Switch

Back story:  Raj comes from an east village that's focus is on their farming. Though their soil was never great they were not fortunate enough to be near a large body of water for fishing nor a good place for mining. The only way they continue to live is with their potato harvests. Raj was seen working with his father when he was named a Dominant Male. Not ever small boy of the age of six were able to carry big bags of potatoes.

Growing up, Raj's body grew strong and, by force of his Dominant title, has taken the lead in many events in school (offered by the government), work and whenever he was needed. In front of others Raj is seen as any other Dominant Male. What people don't notice is his shyness. Raj doesn't talk much.It isn't often Raj needs to make decisions, he only needs to lead the way. His actions are more powerful and, according to the society,  is all that matters. If forced to make a speech Raj fears he will be re-titled as a Submissive Male.

I hope this is enough for now.
June 16, 2014, 01:11:39 am
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Kitten, you're so cute that sometimes I want to cuddle you until your head pops off. That's great, thank you.

Great, we'll go with the mark then since we've got a majority approval on it. Now it's just figuring out how one gets a mark capable of disappearing... There's no magic around, so something with a scientific basis?
This one time I thought I saw a ghost, but then I didn't -- Gaslight

June 16, 2014, 01:21:05 am
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Spoiler for Taka:

Name: Takaya Takahashi

Age: 22

Category: Submissive

Sexuality/Position: Gay/Switch (prefers to be dominated, by the right guy)

Back Story:
Since young age, Taka has always being a guy with attitude, but weak body. As the time pass by, his parents hoped that the will evolve in something better, holding back as much as they could the process of deciding in which category he should go. Unfortunately Taka's body never gotten better until his teenage years, so he was claimed as Submissive male at age of 7. Taka back then didn't even knew what this process of category is, with the time he realize it, and he have promised to himself that he will get out of that category by any means, because this is harming is proud.

At the age of 11 Taka already had well build body, which he kept training even after that, and after all his training he was still in the submissive category, with the time showing and great leaderships abilities, he has been promised to be moved to the dominant category if he manages to finish the claiming. So for the past 2 or so years, he have been training quite often in becoming good in something, he has shown interest in the hunting, marksman and other stuffs like that. He always wanted to put in his hands a gun, so he have trained to shoot with a gun too, in his imagination, and he believes that he can be one of the greatest gunners in their city.

Coming from a small city, which is near metropolis, Taka has been raised by a family with a Father and Mother, and two twin brothers, who are currently in the army. Taka's Father has being claimed as a submissive male, even though he have great leadership skills and well trained body like Taka, but his father has spend a lot of time with him, to teach him on what he is capable of. His father told him, that he picked by himself to stay in the submissive category for certain reasons, his uncle (Taka's uncle), is the Dominant male who have claimed Taka's Father as his submissive partner, and the two of them are currently living in wealth so to speak. Taka have still his doubts, should he stay submissive or should he go dominant, he didn't knew why his father choose to be submissive, even though he has the skills to be dominant, and he hopes to find out his secret, as he goes in the claiming, and the reason behind his choice.
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June 16, 2014, 01:24:36 am
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And I shall let you cuddle me!

In The Hunger Games they had an injection of some kind of device that lets them know when their body dies. (I don't know it reads your pulse rate?) Why not do the same but give the dominant a injection as well to give to the submissive and vise versa. When given it leaves behind a kind of mark. Say only most of the device is injected into the body but then stops leaving... omg this is hard to describe give me a second...

Switched to a computer my phone is just not going to cut it this time...

Okay, they inject each player with one of those "We Know You Dead" devices as well as giving them all another one to carry for when they team up with the opposite "Rank" (lets call them that for now) and when a Submissive and a Dominant Male form a bond they give each other this injection. The needle itself can look huge, why it does is not because of the how big the device itself is, but the mark it leaves on the body. Something like a body piercing. Once the device is injected it turns on and is already programed to work with the first injection they were given before the game started. If their partner dies then the device that was given to the partner would lets say give off an acidic substance that burns off the marking that is seen on the body.

So scientific-y! My brain hurts. >_>' did any of that even make sense to you guys? xD i suck at explaining in one paragraph.
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June 16, 2014, 01:27:16 am
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Gaslight, I could see it being something technology based. I could also see the marks being laced with something computers can pick up so people can be scanned to reaffirm they are who they say they are when moving through the more tech savvy areas. Perhaps instead of a brand so much it is a chip implant that emits a dye so it can be seen. This could also explain why it could emit something to cause ones pain sensors to go off if the one they are bonded to is injured.

Edit- Oh Kitten beat me to what I was sort of trying to say. lol.
June 16, 2014, 01:34:44 am
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Yeah, I was thinking about some kind of implant as well, but I wasn't quite sure where I was going with it and definitely couldn't have put it as well as either of you did XD. I like the prospect of something that can be attached to a person's central nervous system (maybe even act as an emergency kill switch?) and it makes logistical sense to have it as some type of identification validation as well.

I'm happy with going with a mashup of the two ideas, but we'll give Kitten some thinking time to see what else she comes up with.
June 16, 2014, 01:37:06 am
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YAY! Same idea Hex *high five*!! lol

I fixed my idea thing so it makes hopefully more sense into what I'm imagining. look back if you's don't's minds
June 16, 2014, 01:41:09 am
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Hahaha its always nice when we are on the same brainwaves.

I was also thinking there could be a kill switch but I wasn't sure we wanted to give them too much power since then it would theoretically be easy to kill our boys if they decided to revolt against the powers at be.

I was also thinking nervous system making me feel that maybe the mark should be right off the back neck on the spine area. It would make it so it so the implant is somewhere you can't remove it without killing the person it is attached to.

Edit- Kitten your explanation is a lot on the lines I was thinking.
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June 16, 2014, 01:48:59 am
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Agreed on the spinal column idea.

And the kill switch doesn't have to make things easier, necessarily. Obviously the Government would always be watching so it's not like they'd ever be able to plan a revolt in the open and if they did the powers that be could just as easily have altered their environment to fry them alive as they could flip a kill switch.
Maybe there's a hidden, secret control panel somewhere that can be shut off, cutting off the Government's control? Or someone savvy might now know to build something capable of tampering with the signals and jamming them? Adds theoretical jeopardy since there's no telling if and when the Government will be able to come back online.
June 16, 2014, 01:53:08 am
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Sounds cool~
June 16, 2014, 01:54:42 am
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I'm up for it if you want to go that route. I'm guessing someone tech savvy could make a collar/necklace that would interfere with the wireless transmissions.
June 16, 2014, 02:05:12 am
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You guys are so bad at building something scientific (don't take it personally)!

I would go for something different. Nano-technology!

The dominant males are injected with nano bots, which spread through their blood stream, giving them this signal which you want, when they find the proper submissive for them and when they lay down with him and he cums inside of him... half of those nano bots go with the semen which is released in the boy, as they reactivate and spread through the blood stream of the submissive, when the two nano-bots packs are spread equally between the two males, they form a mark on their shoulders or neck back, the two males (the dominant and the submissive) bare the same sign/tattoo, once the dominant dies, the nano-bots in him dies too, cutting their signal with the nano-bots in the submissive, and the there we go the mark disappear on both of them, when the submissive pee or sweat the nano-bots leave his system with these normal human body process and the submissive can be claim once more by someone else.

Now if another dominant guy take on already claimed submissive, and his nanobots enter in the submissive system, they start fighting inside the submissive boy until one of the two different nano-bots packs die, and leave the system, so the new ones can over take, but only after the dominant guy is beaten/killed. Only then the two nanobots will stop fighting inside the submissive body and the nanobots of the losing guy will leave the submissive system.
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